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Resources to learn more about how to invest in cryptocurrencies

 Resources to learn more about how to invest in cryptocurrencies

History is repeating itself.

In 1848, the gold fever or "get-rich-quick" disease began in California, after James Marshall discovered gold in some of California's riverbeds.

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James kept the matter a secret until the opportunity came and invests the gold he discovered in the search for more of it. However, the news quickly spread in the press, which led to an immigration revolution to California.

From the gold fever to the cryptocurrency fever.

The aforementioned "James" order can be likened to bitcoin, which revealed enormous potential in the crypto market and the possibility of doubling investment in it.

The crypto market has boomed after strong institutional interest in the crypto market, with billions of dollars in investment from major companies such as Tesla, and an increasing number of companies accepting larger and more stable digital currencies, as these companies aroused the interest of many who were either neutral or skeptical two years ago. Only from now.

If you are new to the digital currency market and investing in it, here are some resources to learn more about how to invest in cryptocurrency:

How to invest in cryptocurrencies:

Reddit and Telegram groups:

Reddit, with its various branches and divisions, brings together many investors and traders, and some of its groups have a significant and clear influence on the financial markets, as happened with Game Stop and its shares.

Reddit is an excellent source of information to learn about almost anything, including cryptocurrencies and investing in cryptocurrencies.

The “subreddit” of “cryptocurrencies” is the largest sub-forum dedicated to public cryptocurrency investing on the site, with 1.9 million members and hundreds to thousands of active users at any time.

This is a great place for new or old investors to discuss events in the crypto market, get to know what people are trading, and better understand the different market dynamics.

Telegram also contains many groups and channels that benefit its affiliated members, especially those that are distinguished by the search for added value and where the benefit is more than anything else.

Surpluses.net site:

Surpluses is a news site that has a cryptocurrency section that primarily specializes in covering Bitcoin news, alternative digital currencies, new blockchain technology, and mining…

The surpluses team publishes new news, educational articles, explanations, comments and opinions on trends, new technologies, new companies, famous and rising figures in the world of bitcoin and digital assets.

Bitcoin Magazine:

Bitcoin Magazine is one of the oldest magazines published in digital or print format in the field of cryptocurrencies and has been available since 2012.

The company is currently owned and managed by "BTC inc", headquartered in "Nashville", "Tennessee" state of America, although it started in South Korea.

Bitcoin magazine remains the preferred source for many crypto marketers for Bitcoin information for investors and those in the industry.

To follow the Bitcoin magazine, the Bitcoin Arab site, and other specialized sites in the crypto market, one can use the "Feedly" application available on most systems.

Where the application shortens the way and periodically provides publications of various websites when adding new news, all in one place.

White papers:

If you really want to dive deep into a cryptocurrency or a specific technology, the best source of information, at least when it comes to learning about the basic fundamentals of a cryptocurrency, would be the white paper.

White papers can be long (more than 100 pages) and their goal is to explain how the currency works, the needs of the market it serves and why it is an attractive digital asset for investors.

These dense documents are issued either before or simultaneously with the issuance of the digital currency itself.

in conclusion:

Many people who were either unaware or uninterested in cryptocurrencies are starting to see the revolutionary potential it holds.

As the decentralized blockchain technology that does not require middlemen, cannot be confiscated by local or international governments, and in theory, it is well insulated against market fluctuations and dispersed monetary policy has an enormous amount of potential.

Few visionaries and brave investors have been betting on all of this for more than a decade.

The next generation of cryptocurrency investors now want to test the situation for themselves, excited not to miss what could be a major financial revolution in their lives.

If you are interested in learning, the resources mentioned above will give you a little help.