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5 useful websites discovered recently that you definitely don't know


 5 useful websites discovered recently that you definitely don't know

The Internet is big, huge, much bigger than you can imagine, and in it there are utilities that have not spread quickly, were not well known, but are still practical.

In today's list, I'll show you 5 sites that you probably don't know and that you might end up adding to your favorites, because you never know when something like this will be needed.


It is an ideal site for creating lists on YouTube without the need to have an account or identify yourself .. We just have to drag or put the urls of the YouTube videos that you want to create a playlist for, and in the end get a link to the desired playlist.


This site has been entertaining children and adults for a long time. It is a service where you play percussion instruments, which can be done from the keyboard. You can also switch to the piano, and depending on the keys, some instruments or others will appear.


A website to give off momentum, to post what's going on in our heads and see what other people are putting in at the moment. It has a dark mode, and its use couldn't be easier, we type what we want, we press the SUBMIT button and we will see it on the screen with the texts that other people have posted anonymously and securely.


The idea is similar to the previous site, but in this case it is somewhat more complicated. There are two sections, one for admitting something, and the other for reading other people's confessions. Anonymity is maintained, making it ideal for gossiping or even discovering other people's secrets.


If your goal is to make milk shapes in coffee then this simulator can help. It's a completely realistic site, where you can press the button that simulates the amount of milk, and the dispensing per cup is exactly the same as in real coffee. Perfect for training before you start decorating your espresso.