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Facebook: Huge updates coming to Messenger


Facebook: Huge updates coming to Messenger

Facebook, ahead of its F8 annual developer conference in San Jose, gave a glimpse of some of the things it is preparing for Messenger Messenger, in what it describes as a transitional year for messaging everywhere.

In this regard, the social networking giant announced the LightSpeed project, which represents a fully rebuilt Messenger application. The new application will be less than 30 megabytes - smaller than two-thirds of the current Messenger application - Two seconds.

Facebook has a 25-megabyte mobile application, but it is designed for low-specification devices with limited functionality.

According to Asha Sharma, Product Manager for Consumer Messenger, LightSpeed aims to offer the full features of Messenger, built entirely on new software but has moved away from providing a specific timeframe for launching it. A long time.

Facebook also revealed the launch of a version of the Messenger application dedicated to computers running Windows and MacOS, and this comes after the company has provided a number of years for a dedicated version of computers from the application of Wattab.

Although the Wattasab application for computers lacks a number of key functions, the Messenger application for computers comes with full functionality, such as group chat and video calls. This application is currently being tested and will be launched worldwide later From the current year 2019.

Facebook has excited users about some other updates coming to Messenger, including new social features based on Mark Zuckerberg's recently announced vision to turn the platform into a more private platform.

This includes what Zuckerberg referred to as the "digital living room," which means for Messenger that users will have a space to find content from the people they communicate with permanently via Messenger.

"This content consists of the stories, photos, and videos that we share with each other, along with the other features that the company is currently building," wrote Asha Sharma. "This product is still in its early stages and has not been disclosed.

There is also a new feature that will allow Messenger users to watch videos at the same time, in line with Mark Zuckerberg's "digital living room" vision last month. The user can share a video from Facebook via Messenger and invite others to join.

Facebook said it was testing the new feature now, suggesting it would be tested with a subset of users first - but the company plans to launch it globally later this year.

Reports in January indicated that the company plans to unify the applications of Wattasab, Messenger, and Instagram, with the addition of comprehensive encryption, as confirmed by Asha Sharma, saying: Facebook is committed to making Messenger encrypted by default, noting that the company will make Messenger works smoothly Larger with its other services.