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Apple Watch may monitor blood sugar

 Apple Watch may monitor blood sugar

Old rumors about an Apple Watch that can monitor blood sugar levels have gained some credibility with a new report from the British newspaper The Telegraph.

Apple Watch may monitor blood sugar

Rockley Photonics recently confirmed in a file with the US Securities and Exchange Commission that Apple has been its largest customer over the past two years, and that it has an ongoing supply and development agreement to develop future products.

The British health technology company has developed ultra-fine sensors that read multiple blood signals that can only be detected using medical equipment by sending infrared light through the skin from a unit on the back of the smartwatch.

Rockley Photonics CEO said he believes the technology will be in consumer products in 2022, but he has not confirmed that this will be in an Apple product.

Rockley Photonics' focus has been on sensors that track blood sugar, pressure, and even alcohol levels, indicating that at least one of these features will be available on the Apple Watch in the future.

The sensors in the Apple Watch are now smart and capable of measurements, such as heart rate, but blood sugar levels have always been a seriously sought-after feature for wearable device makers.

Apple's support for diabetics has so far been limited to the presence of third-party monitoring apps on its stores.

There is no guarantee that the Rockley Photonics deal may lead to products being shipped, however, Apple has made no secret of the Apple Watch's focus on health.

And there is a lot of industry interest in developing wearable glycemic sensors that don't require needles.

And if the iPhone manufacturer could build the technology into a major product like the Apple Watch, it could provide an advantage for anyone tired of pricking their fingers in order to keep diabetes under control.

Other emerging British electronics firm Rockley Photonics' technologies can also help, as tracking your blood pressure can alert you to issues such as stress.

Apple still has to think about many factors about the upcoming Apple Watch, such as: battery life and price, and it will probably wait a while to get all of these features (assuming it might arrive) even if the technology is ready some other way.