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Binance platform explained: for trading digital and cryptocurrencies

 The best platform for trading digital currencies and bitcoin

Binance platform explained: To trade digital and cryptocurrencies with ease and security

Binance is one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchange platforms in the world of cryptocurrencies, and this platform has a set of characteristics that make it famous and preferred by many individuals who trade in major currencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum and other currencies in their investments in the cryptocurrency world.

Note that the Binance platform is an Asian platform, and despite it being still new (it was launched in 2017) to some extent, it is very popular with more than 1.4 million users, through low trading fees and premium services.

One of the most important of these features is the presence of an easy-to-use and attractive user interface, and it can be dealt with in more than one language, in addition to being one of the platforms with the ability to process data quickly.

How to register on the Binance platform

Go to the  home page   and you will find a list of new account registration as follows:

Type the required information in the same order in each box designated for it, e-mail, password, confirm the password, agree to the site’s rules and press the REClick to registerGISTER button.

To confirm the registration, a verification section will appear for you that you are not an automated bot, and all you have to do is drag the left pane until you complete the puzzle, as follows:

Then go to your email, and you will receive an account activation message on it, open it and click the Verify button to complete the activation.

Then go to the site and choose the word LOGIN at the end of this page:

The following list will appear for you. Enter the email and password you registered with

Then press the LOGIN button, and you will go to your account on the site. Upon entering, the site asks you to either activate the protection via two-factor authentication from Google, and you get it by pressing the GOOGLE AUTHENTICATOR button, or the protection by text message on the mobile phone through SMS messages. Note: To trade, you must activate a protection method to protect your digital currencies.

After entering the Binance platform you will notice the website interface appears as follows:

At the top of the page on the right, you find that the site allows you to withdraw only 2 Bitcoins per day as a maximum, and this limit is suitable for the very beginner, but if you want to withdraw an amount more than that to a maximum of 100 Bitcoins, you must click on the word in red which is confirmation With documents such as your own passport, or personal ID.

Now to start trading, you must deposit one of the main currencies in your account, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others, and to do so, press the word FUNDS at the top of the screen, and we choose DEPOSIT as follows:

In the picture shown below you will find a large group of digital and encrypted currencies, and in case you want to deposit or withdraw this any digital and encrypted currency, all you have to do is choose it from the large list shown, and choose the DEPOSIT button in front of the digital currency that you have chosen, and the address you are converting will appear. on him.

To withdraw, press the other button, WITHDRAW, and a menu will appear for you to confirm the withdrawal process, the address to be sent to and the number of digital currency sent. And it's all on this list:

To be sure, all you have to do is select Deposit, the currency you want to deposit, follow the steps (copying the public address), and make the transfer, either from the cryptocurrency exchange platform or from your wallet.

Now to trade, all you have to do is go to the far left of the page. Choose if you want to trade EXCHANGE, and from there choose BASIC - Simple Trading by Numbers - or ADVANCED - to trade using the chart.