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Top 17 games for Android in 2021 free download


 Top 17 games for Android in 2021 free download

If you are planning now to search and enter the Google Play Market to download the best new free Android games for this year 2021 on mobile, then you will surely face a very great difficulty in finding the best games that are worth downloading and installing. You may download and install a specific game and when you start to experiment on your phone you find It is not worth the download at all! Yes, due to the large number of games available on the Google Play Store, it will be difficult to find the best game worth trying on your phone, so we have provided through this article the best 17 free games for Android, and we have also worked on choosing a variety of different games to suit all tastes. . For example, in the list of games available in the article you will find racing games for fans of car racing, the best strategy games for Android, games suitable for children, etc., and among these games below are games that have won prizes on the store, you are only required to follow the lines below to know all the details about any game and after So decide and choose among the games that suit you and meet your desires and needs.

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1. Children of the Light

Sky: Children of the Light comes to the fore and is aimed specifically at fans of adventure games! Yes, if you are a fan of adventure games on your phone, you can try this free game that requires working on the Android 8.0 version above and above that, therefore, you must first and before starting the download to know the Android version installed on your phone so that you do not download the game and then discover It does not support working on your phone, and you can check the Android version installed on a phone through settings and clicking on the system option and there you will find the Android version and number on your phone.

As for the story of the game, it is very briefly about the presence of one of the children trying to spread hope in a village or a kingdom that is completely deserted. All you must know well before starting the game is that there is a lot of running and in the meantime you will face sliding downhill down the hills not only that, but there will be a lot of obstacles that hinder your way and you must be smart so that you bypass this without any problems.

Therefore, this game is considered one of the games of adventure and intelligence because you need to think very much to overcome all the difficulties that you face to reach a higher level in the game, and you must cooperate with some people to achieve the greatest success in consequence, as it is one of the games that also depend on the collective.

2. Beach Buggy Racing 2

The second game aimed specifically at fans of car racing games on the screen of Android phones and devices! Yes, start downloading and installing now
Beach Buggy Racing 2 to join a large group of car drivers around the world. Besides this, you can make previous cars in the Egyptian pyramids and then destroy the pirate ship and strange vital laboratories that were found while racing cars, and you can take a quick look at the video of the game on the Google Play store to see how the game looks from the inside before downloading and installing on your phone .

You can now test your skills with Beach Buggy Racing 2 against other players from all over the world and compete in the tournaments that this giant game provides for the spot with some prizes provided by the game, and you can also customize your car in the way that suits you personally, but you need to collect a lot of strange metallic paints That you find during a car race and then it becomes possible to customize your car.

The game is available for free download on the Google Play market, but it requires work on Android version 4.4 above and later than that, and if you review user comments about the game on the store page, you will find that it is really worth downloading and installing and you can download now and try yourself.

3. Disc Drivin '2

Another type of racing game that offers a new idea for fans of this type of games, the name of the disc hitting game can be launched on this game. With this game, you are required to focus on obtaining your disc. Knowing that while trying to obtain your disk you will encounter a lot of wide curves, changes in height in the environment, etc. Hence, you need to focus and master the game to get your disk while racing.

The beautiful and wonderful in the game of hitting the disc is that there is a very great competition from a large group of players around the world, which gives the game a very strong excitement, completely unlike many other games, and the game provides more than 15 different tracks, which gives completely different challenge levels. In addition, you can customize your disk to look unique when you start playing with other people around the world, the game is really more than wonderful and crushes the download and installation, as it is updated continuously and adding new features and features and this is based on the comments and opinions of users on the game page in the Google store Play. Knowing, the game is completely free and requires work on Android version 5.0 above and later.

4. Asphalt 9

Asphalt 9 is one of the best and most powerful car racing games! Yes, if you are a fan and fan of car racing games, this game is directed to you personally. You must be well prepared to face the strongest and most skilled car racers around the world, the great thing about the game is also that it includes a large list of hybrid cars that you did not find in any other car racing game only. Smartphone or Android device.

Take off now with Asphalt 9 against very high-speed opponent cars, take off on the highway against a group of skilled racers around the world to achieve your goal of winning, what distinguishes this game from other games of the same class is that it includes more than 50 cars at speed Super around the world with the ability to modify your car in terms of colors, for example, to be different from the rest of the contestants.

The game includes a system called "TouchDrive" which gives you control of the steering wheel automatically so that it relieves you from the trouble of driving while playing on your phone screen in general, the game is free and more than wonderful and this is based on user comments and is available to work on Android version 4.3 and higher. And before downloading, watch the video of the game on the store page to see how the game looks from the inside before downloading and installing on the phone.

5. Carmageddon

One of the racing, action and adventure games! Yes, during the race you must hunt prey during the fast race, the game includes very bad guys who smash each other into pieces, which gives the game strength and excitement more than other games to make Carmageddon game like adventure and action games really look very strong and you need great skill and to be clear With intelligence until you reach the desired goal, which is to win and triumph over the other.

You have to continue playing and winning and destroying your opponent until you reach the end, and this I advise you to watch the video of the game to see what the game looks like from the inside before going into the download and installation on your phone, the video gives you a very clear view of the game and how it looks during the race, besides this, you can throw A quick look at some of the comments and opinions about the game on the store page to make sure that the game is really worth downloading and installing, and it is available for completely free download and supports working on Android version 2.3.3 above and later.

6. Asphalt 8

Another racing game that gives you a more realistic look, you can take a world racing tour that starts from the Nevada desert and continues until you reach the narrow turns in Tokyo, the game provides you with challenge, excitement and fun to reach the end and win the match. With the download and installation of the game on your phone and upon launch you will find a large selection of luxury cars! Yes, there are over 220 high-performance cars and bikes from the best and most powerful licensed manufacturers and models.

When you start the race, you will notice yourself the high-resolution engine sounds to make you live in reality as if you were already in a real race on the ground, during the race you have to be more intelligent to find the best ways to help you reach the goal faster and win the race, for example, you can jump at an angle 360 degrees to bypass opponent faster and more professional.

This game also provides more than 40 different and varied tracks, including French Guiana, Iceland, the Nevada desert and other very exciting places, whether to ride your car or ride a motorbike with the knowledge, the game is available for free download and requires work on Android 4.4 version above and above that.

7. Data Wing

A game known as "Data Suite", you are required with this beautiful game to hand over very important data throughout the computer system and this is based on the mother's orders without asking why, but during this seemingly easy task you will be attacked and in the meantime you must do With something so that you can protect and secure this data from attack, and there will be an explosion as well, and all this with the aim of accessing the data that you carry in consequence, you will only be required to work to protect that data.

Fortunately, Data Wing game provides touch controls more than ideal, along with some varied racing levels, the game may seem very easy and simple, but this is not real at all, there are up to 40 different levels within the game, and in each of these levels You will face more difficulties.

I advise you to first look at the video to see how the game looks from the inside before starting the download and installation, knowing this game requires working on Android 5.0 version above and above and newer than that and it is available for free download and really deserves the experience and this is based on user comments.

8. Splash Cars

Another racing game that is somewhat different but very cool, it has been downloaded more than 5 million times all over the world, with this game you are required as a team you and your friend or teams consisting of 2 against another team consisting of 2 ride your car and start racing and escape from the opponent Or from the police, and you will face another problem during the race, which is that the car fuel or gasoline expires quickly and you need to overturn the car and escape from the police quickly.

Consequently, Splash Cars is one of the most powerful adventurous and racing games, you must accelerate the seizure of gasoline and coins and at the same time you must also work to hit the target and all this takes place in a certain time, and in the event of success of the mission and immediately you will move to a more difficult level with stronger cars Much.

You and your friend can play or play against two friends as a team, and the game is available on the Google Play market completely free of charge and requires work on Android version 4.0 above and above and newer than that, and I advise you to watch the game video first before starting the download and installation to see how the game looks from Is it really you will like it or not?

9. Void Tyrant

This game is one of the strongest and best strategy games, with this game you are required to do your mission as a great hero which is cleaning up the galaxy and at this time and during your mission you will face a lot of individual battles with many very violent enemies, and here you must have skills and some Weapons so that you can overcome this battle and complete your mission in cleaning the galaxy, and among the features that this game provides is building plans and making new ships with special abilities and cards.

You need to upgrade your town in order to get new power and adventures, and Void Tyrant provides you with four classes to choose from and each has its own strategy, in sum, this game can be likened to a simple and very entertaining RPG game, but Its biggest drawback is that it relies on luck too much.

Generally, you can take a quick look at the video of the game to see how you will be inside before downloading, but it is really very cool and entertaining, and it will impress all fans of action, adventure and fighting games and it requires working on Android version 5.5 above and above that.

10. Bounty Hunter Space Lizard

A completely desperate space lizard game that provides users about 20 levels in four stages in this beautiful strategy game based on different roles, but you need to focus very heavily on the tactical movement around the small maps, while you are required to move the lizard with severe blocking and then destroy the target in a way Strong and ruthless, you must be extremely careful not to kill yourself while playing.

The game is full of obstacles and very much like chess. Therefore, it will be difficult for users to reach the end and win the match, especially with the beginning of playing the game, but of course after a period of play you will become more professional and you will be able to at least pass the first levels that do not seem to be somewhat difficult.

In general, the game Bounty Hunter Space Lizard is one of the great free games available on the Google Play market and is updated continuously by those in charge of it to fix problems and add new improvements to the game, and the last update was in April of 2020, and it works on the Android 4.1 version. Top .

11. Chessplode

A new chess game for phones and devices with Android system, the game was designed and developed with the aim of making fun of the original chess game, where with this new game you can move easily and simply without bothering, the chess game with explosions where there will be very large explosions for Hungary just picking up any piece. The game is not easy at all! Yes, you are required to learn the game effectively and well in order to win and reach your goal.

Chessplode is one of the most successful Android games and the main goal of its launch was for the user to rethink chess. With this game, you will get a set of challenges to try and multiplayer battles in real time, in addition to that, the game provides a set of characteristics represented in the ability to play with real people around the world with the ability to send an emoji to express your feelings while playing.

You can play day and night with your favorite colors provided by this wonderful game in general, you can now take a look at the video of the game to see how it looks from the inside before going through the download and installation, and for your information, the game requires working on Android 4.1 version above and above that.

12. Pocket Cowboys: Wild West Standoff

It is clear from of the game that there is a group of gunmen ready to fight, and you must quickly start killing them with bullets knowing, the characters or enemies in the game or one level does not exceed 4 characters only, but you must get rid of them quickly to reach the goal and win the game and protect plant varieties And all of this is only done within three minutes, according to what was mentioned on the game page. Therefore, the game is one of the most powerful fighting and action games and does not consume much time, unlike other games.

In every round you do, you must choose between moving, filming or reloading, depending on the character that you control while playing the match. Also, success and victory in this game depends on something very basic and important which is anticipating what your opponents will do correctly and quickly starting to take the right move on your own.

In the event that you do this mission correctly and anticipate what the opponent will do and commit to the long stage, then you will be able to upgrade your team to the other, the game is completely free and does not require any additional fees and supports working on Android 4.4 version above and above that.

13. King Crusher

King Crusher is one of the strongest strategic melee games, and the real story of the game is that the king is annoyed by the presence of opponents, so he will immediately ask you to get rid of them, and in the meantime you are the demands of your little squad to start walking in the forests, deserts and cemeteries and then wipe out and get rid of anyone On your way, therefore you must personally build your team and upgrade the powers so that you are more than ready to get rid of opponents.

In any case, with the game King Crusher requires you to respond quickly to danger and unleash the powers of your team over who you encounter and start to quickly get rid of opponents and enemies, and you can watch the video of the game to see how you will do all this and take a quick look at the game from the inside before starting to download And installation.

Among the most prominent features in the game is that it allows you to build a team of up to 12 fighters, and it also allows you to explore the medieval world and build your strategy, etc. The game is available completely free of charge on the Google Play market and supports work on Android 4.1 version above and the latest from that

14. Hearthstone

With this game, you are required to start collecting cards, creating powerful formations, and doing what is needed to take control of the ever-changing battlefields. You must use an ingenious strategy in order to defeat all the players who want to kill you, start to pursue power and unleash defeating your enemies.

Some might think that this game is a little complicated, but this is not true at all, the game is easy to access and very balanced, and everyone can start playing the game on the screen of phones and devices on the Android system without any trouble, the game is already more than wonderful, but you need to add the Arabic language and some improvements Other like the possibility to chat.

Generally, the game is updated permanently by those in charge of it, and this means that any problem that appears in the game will be solved with the addition of new features and features, and in the end the game is available on the Google Play Market completely free of charge and supports work on Android version 5.0 above and later than that .

15.The Battle of Polytopia

This game is one of the wonderful role-based games, and this game has been designed and developed to play on the screen of Android phones and devices with one thumb, the idea of the game revolves around a large city and you are required to take full control and then start collecting a lot of resources, agriculture, building an empire as well as training Warriors and sent to fight with the armies of other civilizations.

You can later transfer your clan from the small village to a powerful kingdom, and during this game you will be able to develop your village by starting farming, hunting and other things that help generate income and then spending on warriors or building new structures etc. .

If you succeed in the task of developing your village, this will help you increase the population of the village and provide more income, and then build walls and gardens and train powerful warriors to start exploring the hidden small villages and conquer them to become a new village and city belonging to you in general, the game is really wonderful and crushes the download and installation and this is constructive On the opinions and comments of users on the game page of the Google Play Store.

16. Shadowgun Legends

This game is considered one of the first and first person shooting and shooting games and online shooting games that focus on shooting multiplayer fireworks and is considered one of the best shooting games that comes free of charge and this game is award-winning Non-Stop Action First-Shooter, and the events revolve around The game is about a world full of mercenaries who are rock stars and has a group of people who are loud, daring and brutal violence also through the corridors and all operations inside the game are inherently dangerous and depend on speed and accuracy, and on the other hand, this game is characterized by its rapid response to orders as it is very smooth, you can get Or collect cash and coins and through it you can upgrade the equipment you use and if you have a large number of fans they will build a statue for you, and here we can mention a brief summary of the story of the game where the world is attacked on the one hand and defending on the other hand, and there are warriors and legendary heroes to fight the alien invasion Through the world of science fiction, you can download this wonderful game for free on your phone because it is simple and small, with a size of 63 MB Byte is also fluid and fun through which you can join the world of excitement and participate in the story of the epic game by placing a player in front of another competing player or placing it either for multiple players or cooperating with them and you can control who is the final shooter and you are the hero of the game You can cooperate and share the game with your friends It is worth noting that inside the game there are multiple missions for each mission, there is cooperation from teams of players, a dungeon and a battlefield. You can join the game team or practice alone as a single player. You can also meet new friends by visiting the bar, you can fight for the survival of humanity within the story Epic with many missions spanning successive planets full of adventures and battles.

This game is considered a technique of multiplayer games as well. You can play 4 against 4 or one against one. The game comes equipped with more than seven hundred weapons in addition to skins, rifles, assault rifles, pistols, sub-machine guns, heavy, snipers and rocket launchers. You can choose the gun that suits you and unleash the war to start. You can also customize the game beautifully through the infinite customization options, and you can collect more than 1000 pieces of future armor and build a set of your own unique shields. You can also create a path for you and control all the game paths through easy control tools with automatic shooting. To survive and focus only on that point, which is the point of your survival, and you can become a legend inside the game by getting fame in every action you do to draw attention around you. The more you play, the more famous you are and the more the world interacts with you. This game has been beautified by nearly 200 million players. Work is constantly working on improving and correcting game errors, as well as fixing bugs that players may encounter, and the game works on systems now Dwid, including the Android 6.0 system, and this game is suitable for those over sixteen years old due to the presence of severe violent situations in it.

17. AirAttack 2

This game is also one of the air shooting games through planes and tanks, it is also known as the air combat game. This game is distinguished by its amazing 3D graphics, in addition to it comes with attractive orchestral soundtracks that make you feel the classic atmosphere of the game. By using flamethrowers, cannons and bombs, you can escape from hell and fight bad guys by fighting them from the air through planes, and it is worth noting that you may have to reduce the graphic effects somewhat in case you are playing the game on a somewhat old phone because it is difficult to reach the levels Advanced or modern graphics through old phones, and this game is considered one of the best shooting games and games of the Third World War and is characterized by many wonderful features, including the possession of the game for approximately 22 tasks, including the task of survival in addition to wonderful graphics to display a fully destructible three-dimensional environment, as You can play orchestral music with thirty unique tracks.

With the ability to learn about daily events and collect rewards, you can get five planes for each player with the ability to upgrade planes, and the ability to obtain flamethrowers, propellants, bombs, lasers, wings and guided missiles, as well as the availability of amazing lights and wonderful powerful effects with the availability of vertical and horizontal explosions, and the game supports S- Pen, Android TV, Keyboard, Mouse and Gamepad, and you can play the game without an internet connection with the ability to change the graphics quality through the pause menu, then settings, and then graphics quality, but there are some problems that players faced while playing the game, including the stages of the challenge that may take Some time to get enough money to upgrade, whether weapons or planes, as the player may lose control of the plane below, also you may find some ads appearing, but they are not very annoying and the game development team works to solve all the problems that direct the players.

Thus, we have finished displaying 17 different distinct games that have received expert evaluation to suit Android phones