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The right way to build your own business on the Internet! Make hundreds of dollars in a guaranteed way


The right way to build your own business on the Internet! Make hundreds of dollars in a guaranteed way

Many of us are looking for ways to achieve respectable sums of money through the Internet, some call it profit from the Internet, and others who understand the field well call it working on the Internet.
No, you should. I was like you, I remember in 2012 I started working on sites to click on ads and make a few cents. It was wonderful those days I spend hours in front of the computer and for days and I did not get 1 dollar, yes as I told you I did not get 1 dollar and withdraw on Less 10 dollars, after that I moved to links shortening and files uploading sites. I made my first dollars, I did not invest it in work and I did not develop myself. I was a beginner and the joy of those dollars did not come out. I bought two phones from the Internet, clothes and many things.

Uploading files, shortening links, and getting tired more than 10 hours a day for a dollar and two dollars no longer works. I wasted years trying ways to make money and failed many times until I learned well, from this platform I would like to shorten you years of failure and fatigue and help you to You start in the right way, I will shorten many mistakes and help you in building your business "small project".
Ready to invest some dollars? And part of your time? Do you want a successful project for years?
Your chance to build your business and make long-term profits
I will divide the article into parts, and they will all be published in Houhou blog.

What do I need to start? 

Will and some dollars to invest it.

1- Building a website and making a profit through AdSense.

Some will say, this is the business that you told us about? Yes, it is .. Let's understand the matter well:
"Any website that is business and has been making profits from Adsense for more than 7 years" I understand?
Well, you have $ 100 and you want to invest it, I advise you to build a site from scratch and work daily for at least 3 months, and you will start making hundreds of dollars a month and without working for days, because you have built your own business.

 1: Build a high-quality professional website.

 First and foremost, in order to get an opportunity to make money with Google AdSense, you will first need to have a high-quality website in order to apply to their program and get approved.

It's no longer so easy to get your website to be approved by Adsense as it was years ago. "Don't worry, I will show you a correct method until you are accepted."

One of my sites I accept in AdSense, by following the instructions is correct.
To do this, your website should focus on the following:

1 - Unique, Rich and Attractive Content:
 Such as tutorials, how to instructions, articles and videos.

2 - Authority and Experience:
If it is health related advice should be from qualified authors etc.

3 - Responsive design:
 Make sure your website looks good on every device (desktop, mobile, tablet)

4 - good user experience:
 Your website should be easy to navigate and use by users, don't make it complicated.

5 - Website Speed:
 Your site should load quickly, and make sure to optimize it properly with plugins and tools.

6 - Presence of social media:
 Add social media links to your website (create a Facebook page, Twitter account, etc. for your site)

7 - Legal Pages:
 Add the necessary legal pages to your site such as privacy policy, terms of use and contact us page.

But yes, content is one of the most important aspects of creating a quality website, you can not only submit a new website with only 5 articles of 300 to 500 words to Google AdSense and you expect approval.

It is no longer the case, so make sure you have enough content on your site which is unique, easy to read and understand and also longer than 500 words each, I suggest you submit your website for it to be approved by AdSense only after you have about 25 - 30 unique, high-quality articles on your site, with a minimum of 600-800 words each.

2: WordPress theme to maximize your AdSense earnings.

I won't waste much time writing about templates, but I'll quickly suggest some of the templates that I think are perfect for AdSense. It is optimized for SEO, and it's all with great features.

- BIMBER template: View and purchase a template from here

- Template NEWSPAPER: View and purchase a template from here

AdMania Template: View and purchase a template here

By the way, I don't recommend you to download these templates for free from blank websites, because they are likely full of malware and viruses, leaving your website open to attacks and malicious code that can then be executed from the back door.
So yes, don't do that, always buy templates and plugins because not only do you risk the chance of your website being hacked but also get great support and assistance from template developers as well as future updates.

Also, these are premium / premium templates, I haven't included any free templates here, so I don't know which one is good or not, and I think you can browse through well-rated templates in the WordPress repository and be happy with them, but they don't have enough features and are as good as the premium features .

3: Niches and keywords:

Here's the thing, Adsense can make you more money or less money depending on where you are and of course the keywords on your site and inside the article, so if you have a financial website like "how to save money" blog, you will earn more money via adsense Most of a website focused on "celebrity news and gossip".
Not only is niche matter important, but you should also research and target the right type of keywords for every article you publish, use a tool like Semrush or Ubbersuggest to see what your competitors and other websites are doing and also to discover hot related keywords that can earn you more. Money through adsense.

For example, we have this example:

If you have a blog about saving money, the keywords for every article you write are very important as well. Here's why:

For the keyword: “How to save money,” the CPC is $ 2.61, but if you write an article on “How to Save Money on Auto Insurance,” your CPC is $ 30.34.
Now let's get things real, you won't get $ 30.34 per click every time someone clicks on AdSense ads just because there is this keyword in your article, in fact this doesn't work like the average CPC that advertisers pay to appear in the top Google search engine results. And not on publisher sites like yours.
But this means that even if you don't get $ 30 with a single click with long keywords like this, it can increase the average CPC you get from your AdSense ads, so the higher the CPC for your search engine ads, the more valuable and expensive the clicks will be. Also on AdSense ads on publisher sites, does it make any sense?

Instead of $ 0.2 to $ 0.3 for clicks, you might instead get $ 0.7 - $ 2 per click, depending on the keywords and of course your users' site, yes always make sure to do your keyword research before you write and publish an article on your site if you are. You want to get higher AdSense earnings.

4: Follow the rules

Keep in mind that to join the Adsense program, your website needs to comply with its policies and guidelines, check for more details here.
Never use copyrighted content on your website (such as images, texts, or videos), always create your own content from scratch or pay someone else to do it on your behalf, of course you do not operate on Arabic, foreign content Better and good profits. "

Use royalty free images, if you don't want to pay for them, there are a few sites that can provide you great images for free for use on your website and Google will not have a problem with these. Check out Pixabay and Pexels for royalty-free photos.
Google Adsense is very strict regarding its rules, and if you violate some of its rules and guidelines, you will receive a warning and if this is a serious violation, your AdSense account will be completely suspended.

5: Get traffic to your site.

This is probably the hardest step of all, after creating a high-quality website, you will need traffic in order to make any money from AdSense.

Without (website visitors) visits to your website, no one will click on ads, and if no one clicks on ads that are not making money as simple as that, there are many ways to get website traffic, and you can get it for free and you can also Pay for it (yes, it's not legal to pay for traffic if you have adsense on a site).
Most of the people who create AdSense sites focus on traffic methods such as search engine optimization (SEO) and social media, I would say maybe 95% of AdSense site owners get free traffic, while the other 5% might choose to pay for it ... (these are Not exact figures, but that's just an approximation.)

Most people prefer to do SEO and article rankings in Google and other search engines, then receive free traffic to their websites and earn from AdSense that way.

Others focus on social media like Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter, which is also free and few of us pay for traffic, all the fetch methods are good and they all work. It just depends on how you prefer to do things.

If you are a beginner and you do not have money to invest and you also do not want to risk your AdSense account, you should focus on SEO, social media and other ways to get other traffic, pay for visits to a website with AdSense ads on it, while it does not go against Google's rules It is much more difficult and difficult because you run the risk of losing money when purchasing visitors and also the possibility of losing your AdSense account if you are buying fake traffic.

6: Use Google Adsense the right way:

Even though Adsense removes the number of ads that are determined to be shown on the page, you still shouldn't have more than 3-5 ads on any one page.
Of course, this depends on how long your content lasts for example, if you have an article with 5000-10000 words, you can get more than 5 ads and you will not mind Google, otherwise you should keep the number of ads related to the size of the content on that page , But generally, though, you'll keep it on the downside, like 3 to 5 ads per page (depending on article length).

So here's what I recommend to you, one ad next to the title or slogan, one big ad in the sidebar, one in the middle of the content / article, and another ad at the bottom of the article, this is the best setting for all adsense sites.

Did you know that having fewer ads on the page gives you more revenue?
Because the user experience is better, people tend to stay on the page longer and engage in clicks and hence the adsense clicks are worth more.

Also, it is good to never use more than one or two ad networks on a site, especially if one of them is Adsense, so if you are planning pop-up ads, or even malicious ads from using some shady ad company, I suggest you stick to Adsense only, It is better in the long run for your relationship with Google, plus there is a chance for you to earn more with Adsense just anyway.

If you want to use more than one Adsense on your website, you can try to sign up for an original advertising company like Taboola or Outbrain, and maybe you can earn a little more revenue besides Adsense, but you need a high traffic website to join those networks.

7: Google Adsense earnings

I know you are curious about how much you can make with google adsense but actually, it all depends on a few things:

* The niche of your website
* The type of content you have
* The geographical location of your users
* Time spent on site
* Keywords within the article
* The number of ads you have on the page
* What kind of ads you use
* People generally earn more during the holiday season than at the start of the year

So as you can see when it comes to Google AdSense earnings, no one can tell you for sure how much money you can make from your website because in reality there are a lot of things that can affect that.

What I can tell you is that there are countries that can bring you a much higher cost per click like the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, more than the rest of the world, so the location of your website users is important. Very much in terms of how much money you can make on AdSense.

This is because there are many advertisers competing within Google Ads to sell things in the countries I mentioned above, and when things are crowded in the ad space on the Internet, everything becomes much more expensive, the cost per click that the advertiser will pay will be higher, so the return that you will get. From AdSense if you have traffic from those countries it will be much higher than if you have traffic from countries like Peru, Argentina, India, Pakistan, Brazil, etc.
Adsense earnings can vary a lot, I cannot tell you for sure how much money you will make, and it is up to you to decide where the right place your site will reach, and where you will get your traffic.

 8: How to withdraw your money from Google Adsense.

You're usually paid monthly, so let's say you made $ 500 in profit for May, and Google will take over the payment at the end of the next month in June, usually between 21-26.

Also keep in mind that in order to get paid the next month, you will have to reach the minimum payment threshold which differs for each country, but is basically between 100 and 70 €, so if you don't get $ 100 this month, the payment will be made in The next month instead, you will be paid the month after your account has earned more than $ 100 or so.

You can get payments from Google Adsense via various methods such as direct deposit to your bank account, Western Union, and wire transfer.

 9: Can I Only Live With Adsense Earning?

Yes and no, I mean you can do that to a large extent, depending on the country and city you are from and the costs you have, in general people who have a fairly decent location with good traffic can only make a living with adsense.

However, you should never rely on one source of income especially Adsense for how strict it is, I also suggest you take a look at affiliate marketing and try to get more ways in which you can make money online other than adsense.
"I will touch on it in the coming sections."

 10: Google AdSense Secrets.

There are some AdSense secrets and tips that you can use on websites, I will talk about them in the next article, "secrets that may achieve more than 10 thousand dollars a month" and I mean here AdSense Arberrage.
In the end, the article ... I will ask you to ask questions that may occur to you.

Can you still make money with adsense?

I would say yes, AdSense is definitely a good way to make money online even in 2019.
Do I recommend trying to monetize a website with AdSense? Yes really.
However, you should not rely solely on Google Adsense and focus on it, you should try to make money online through multiple sources "we'll talk about in the next sections", not just through AdSense.