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5 of the best electronic pens you can buy in 2021

 5 of the best electronic pens you can buy in 2021

Whether you use an iPad, an Android tablet, or a Windows device that has a touch screen to take notes or draw, using a stylus can make a big difference in improving your productivity, by drawing more efficiently and with greater accuracy or taking notes quickly.

5 of the best electronic pens you can buy in 2021

Here are 5 of the best electronic pens you can buy in 2021:

1- Palm Rejection Pen:

This stylus is suitable for Apple iPad users, as it is compatible with: iPad 2018, iPad 2019 7th generation, iPad air 3rd generation, iPad Mini 5 3rd generation, and does not require a Bluetooth connection or application to work, all you have to do is touch The upper part of the pen to turn it on or open.

The pen comes with a USB-C cable for charging, and you can use it for 20 hours continuously after charging it for 80 to 120 minutes, and the pen also features an automatic shutdown feature after 5 minutes of inactivity in order to save energy.

2- MEKO Disc Stylus:

MEKO Disc Stylus is a thin aluminum stainless steel pen without plastic parts and is one of the preferred electronic pens on the market, thanks to its very affordable features and price.

The pen consists of three parts, namely: The first part: the clear disc that you can use for writing and drawing and allows you to see exactly where to place your mark to ensure accuracy, and the second part: the rubber tip, and the third part: (fiber tip) that You can use it for scrolling and navigating apps in general. And you can combine these parts into different styles according to your preference.

In addition to the above; You will not encounter a problem with the compatibility of the pen with your device, as it is designed to work with all devices that include a touch screen, such as: iPads, Kindle devices, Samsung tablets, smartphones, and Windows tablets. Thanks to its multi-part compatibility and price tag, the MEKO Pen is the best electronic pen in the budget.

3- Bargains Depot:

The stylus comes with a stainless steel and aluminum structure and does not contain plastic parts, and is ideal for drawing applications, ergonomically designed in the form of a regular pen that is easy to carry, and comes with a comprehensive package that includes 20 heads that you can switch between in just seconds.

The stylus is compatible with all devices with touch screens, such as: Apple tablets, Kindle models from Amazon, models of Galaxy tablets from Samsung, and smartphones, such as: Apple iPhones and the Galaxy series phones.

4- iBart pens:

The Bart pen package from iBartProducts comes with a sturdy aluminum frame and is light in weight, suitable for professional users due to its superior sensitivity and high level of precision, and the tip is made of the finest fine mesh fibers and is scratch-resistant, which is more refined than rubber heads making it a tool Great for writing, taking notes and illustrations.

It is available in a variety of color options, including green, pink, red, blue, gold, white, pink, black, silver, light blue, purple, and the pen is compatible with all devices that include touch screens, such as: tablets and smartphones.

5- Honsky Pen:

The pen comes with a metal aluminum structure, and it has two ends, the small head is for Samsung phones, while the large head is for other smartphones and tablets, and the pen tips are pressure sensitive, making it ideal for taking notes, writing and moving around on the touch screen easily and quickly.

The package includes 3 electronic pens in addition to replacement heads, and three options of colors: blue, pink, and green, and the pen also supports most touch-screen smartphones and tablets of various companies.