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PlayStation 5 exclusive Returnal gets a new story-focused show.


 PlayStation 5 exclusive Returnal gets a new story-focused show.

Returnal is one of the highly anticipated games coming to us exclusively on the PlayStation 5, and everyone is looking forward to trying it because it is a fighting and shooting game with a high budget, unlike the independent games that are of this type. Not much remains on its release date and today Housemarque shared a new show focusing on story and narration.

You can see the new story presentation at the top through which we got several information in addition to the new information we got from a post on the Playstation blog. Returnal heroine Celine decides for the first time in her life not to follow the rules and goes to the strange planet of Atropos to follow the "White Shadow" sign, but when she arrives, her ship crashes in the woods.

Here you discover the ruins of an alien civilization filled with statues, portals, Zeno technologies and alien corpses. Of course, Celine is not alone on the planet as there are alien aliens who all agree to kill the heroine by various means. After some time on the planet, Selene discovers that she is trapped in a time loop so that every time she dies on that planet, she will come back to life again but the environment around her will also change.

Also in the show we see that the heroine found her body while exploring the planet and according to the development team, players will see the bodies of other players online and can also see how and who killed them. Here the choice is yours, either you take revenge for them or plunder the rest of them. The heroine will also find audio recordings of herself, which will also contribute to building the story.

Although the game will be all the time in the third perspective as we see in the video above, but the internal exploration scenes such as exploring a house will turn the game into the first perspective to give the player more integration with the dark atmosphere of exploration.

Housemarque wants to present a mysterious and interesting narrative by merging it with gameplay, and now all of us who saw it from Returnal made us even more excited to try it on April 30th, when it had PlayStation 5.

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