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Beware of the Bee Network project and the BEE digital currency


 Beware of the Bee Network project and the BEE digital currency

With every rise in the prices of bitcoin and alternative digital currencies, a number of fraudulent projects, fake digital currencies and piles appear, which seize the opportunity for beginners and those interested in the crypto market to focus on them and take their money, data, or their time in exchange for nothing.

The fraudulent "Bee Network" project is a project that is very similar to another fraudulent project, "Pi Network", which promises to mine digital currencies from the phone.

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The "Bee Network" project, which is not known exactly who is behind it, asks for many licenses and powers on the Android phone.

If the data on your phone, including your contacts and location, is of zero value to you and you don't mind the risk of your mobile phone being infected with potential malware, you may consider installing the "Bee Network" app.

What you get in return is the possibility that the "Bee Network" will provide digital currencies that have no real value and are not mentioned and listed on the "coinmarketcap" site and there is no information about them.

What is the Bee Network project?

The "Bee Network" project has spread very widely among users interested in cryptocurrencies, especially after many YouTube announcements about its application and how it provides profits for the one who installs it and calls its owners through referral links to be rewarded in the currency of BEE.

Or the one who miners the coin BEE through the application that is available on the Android and IOS system.

As we indicated in the introduction to the article, it is not known exactly who is behind the application, as according to the official website of the project and upon entering the white paper of the project and searching for the project team, we found the following:
Core Team:

The core team of the Bee Network project consists of high-level Internet and blockchain technology experts, math and cryptography experts, and community volunteers.

If you are interested in joining the Bee Network team or becoming a community volunteer, you can email your resume to [email protected].

The initial development of the Bee Network is being funded primarily by anonymous sponsors and the project will continue to attract more sponsorship.

 It is an axiom in the investment world that if the project team is unknown and described as high-ranking experts in mathematics and blockchain, then a red flag is raised.

The application, when installed on an Android phone, requests the following powers:

- Site.

- Your contacts and callers.

- The applications you use.

Therefore, the application was designed by an unknown team trying to collect important information about users. This data it requests appears sensitive and is not useful in its work, so why does it ask for it?

However, at the present time the application is used by a large segment due to the referral marketing model similar to that of the "Pi Network" project.

Where the application provides higher digital currencies to the first users, who attract more users by giving them incentives and rewards for that.

How did this project spread so quickly?

The nature of the human being is greed and the desire to have free things.

Which attracts users aspiring to make high profits from an application that offers generous digital currencies, but its problem is that it is without value.

What helped the spread of this application more, as the approved referral system told us, which lures users that, in the event that more users are recruited, they will win more BEE coins, yes, it is a hierarchical marketing system in which users provide their personal data in exchange for obtaining currencies without value, and the popular base continues to expand The winner is the one behind the app, which will benefit from the huge amount of data that can later be sold to the one who pays the most.

Why beware of similar apps:

- Referrers will earn virtual currency that has no value.

- The first users will earn worthless virtual currencies.

- The application will try to collect data from users and sell it to the highest bidders under absolute secrecy.

- The futility of the mining process, as many similar applications appear and disappear at a time
 Previous due to the lack of value in its action, as the offered currency is without value, in addition to causing damage to the phone processor only.

Always look for the added value and the problem that the project will solve.

When looking for BEE we find that it offers pure promises without any practical applications, and it is very similar to the fraudulent onecoin project that was promising to be the next bitcoin.

The encrypted digital currency market is one of the most dangerous financial markets, as it has not yet been regulated in many regions, so caution is directed to science and learning first and foremost, and to stay away from fictitious projects that are futile and that only cause a loss of time and money.

When commenting and saying that this project is fraudulent and scam, its enthusiasts respond that Bitcoin also started without value, like what will be the case with the BEE currency, which threatens the throne of Bitcoin according to them?

But Bitcoin already has something to offer, while the BEE digital currency, no one knows exactly what it offers?