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WhatsApp gives everyone a feature you'll love: You can now try it


 WhatsApp gives everyone a feature you'll love: You can now try it

WhatsApp has just released and everyone has a feature that was tested in a beta for a few weeks. It's a very interesting as well as simple function, but very useful. Have you ever wanted to send a video clip in WhatsApp but did not cursing the sound? You might record something on your device and want to send the content to a friend, but the sound is too annoying or you don't want the sound to be heard in the background. WhatsApp has just fixed this issue.

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So far, removing audio from a video hasn't been very simple for the average user. It was necessary to download a video editor and find a function to reduce or remove the volume completely. Now things are changing dramatically and it is much easier thanks to WhatsApp.
   Now you simply have to update WhatsApp from the link below the video, select a video from your gallery, and send it. In the last step, you will notice a new Mute button appears: If you activate it, the video will be sent without the audio.

You don't need to do anything else, with this simple step the video will be muted and heard by the person you sent it to.
It is a very simple and new trick that was just included in WhatsApp and should appear on your mobile phone and try it now. We are sure that you will use it more than once when you want to send a video.