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Have Mask's tweets lost their luster, Dogecoin answers this question?


 Have Mask's tweets lost their luster, Dogecoin answers this question?

One tweet, even if it was just a hint or a hint or even a small picture, sent by Elon Musk on his favorite Twitter platform, was enough.

Enough to raise stocks or fall in currencies, a few seconds until Mask’s tweets spread like wildfire for investors to interact with.

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It seems that a dramatic change has occurred in the investor's psyche towards Musk's tweets, especially after the violent losses suffered by Tesla shares, coinciding with the company’s faltering over the suspension of some production lines.

 Hours ago, Elon Musk attached a picture on his official Twitter page, and Musk indicated during the tweet that DOGE / USD will be the official currency on the moon.

But it seems that Dogecoin was not referred to the tweet, as investors did not interact with it to record strong losses despite the positive performance of most of the cryptocurrencies today, led by Bitcoin.

Dogecoin has fallen by more than 7.5% so far to reach levels of $ 0.054, while the market value of the currency is below $ 7 billion.

No one would have expected Dogecoin to overwhelm cryptocurrencies had it not been for the tweet of Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, specifically early February.

Where Musk tweeted on his Twitter account, saying: "Welcome," and attached the tweet with a picture of a monkey carrying a small lion, and as soon as Mask tweet Hello to the new currency, Dogecoin, its value increased by about 50%.

And it became the focus of attention of many investors and stock exchanges in the world, to record crazy highs that pushed the currency to its highest levels ever.

But it did not last long, as Musk turned against Dogecoin with a tweet as well, describing it as carrying a significantly inflated price.

It seems that investors have begun to pay attention to the problems that Tesla is facing, Tesla Corporation (NASDAQ: TSLA), which some may see that Musk is trying to cover up by raising a fuss about cryptocurrencies at times or stocks at other times.

Data from financial analysis firm Ortex showed, on Thursday, that short sellers were making an estimated $ 3.5 billion in profit from their bearish positions on Tesla shares in the past seven days.

Shares of the electric car maker were down 17% in the week through Wednesday, from record highs.

Elon Musk's losses rose within two days to about $ 30 billion, dropping from $ 184 billion to $ 155 billion, according to Forbes.

 Elon Musk lost, in a few hours, nearly $ 15 billion of his fortune due to the violent drops in shares of Tesla Corporation (NASDAQ: TSLA).

Today, according to US media, Tesla appears to have informed its employees that it will temporarily halt some production at its California assembly plant.

Tesla told workers on its 3-Series production line in Fremont that the line would be discontinued from February 22 to March 7.