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Microsoft EDGE browser is no longer supported


 Microsoft EDGE browser is no longer supported

Today, Microsoft has announced the end of support for Microsoft EdgeHTML engine, which was created as an alternative to Internet Explorer 11.

Microsoft EDGE browser is no longer supported

The company said: Our new modern browser appeared for more than a year ago, and it can be found today via hundreds of millions of devices.

In August, we announced that support for Microsoft EDGE's old EDGE ended on March 9, 2021 as part of this move to Microsoft EDGE, and today ends officially support, and will not receive future security updates anymore.

Microsoft previously announced that they replace the old EDGE browser with a new Microsoft EDGE browser via Windows 10 when the cumulative updates arrive for April.

The giant software provides FASTTRACK for organizations that need help to go to the new Microsoft Edge browser, and this is free help for those who have Microsoft 365 qualified accounts.

The old EDGE browser was originally named SPARTAN with Windows 10 as the default web browser for the operating system before it is officially called Edge.

This comes after the company announced in December 2018 that it replaces its EDGE browser with a new browser that works by Chromium, and after more than a year, EDGE Chromium was generally available in January 2020.

Starting next month, the old browser is removed as part of an update on Tuesday, and this change also occurs in updating the preview subsequent in this month.

This change does not affect WebView, which is still supported, which is used in many hosting web applications and in parts of applications that you need to view.

These applications will not stop working, although you can move your application to WebView 2 document to Chromium.

If you are still using an old browser, you are safe until next month, where the final security update is today, and you must prepare when the browser is replaced next month.

According to most scales, the new Microsoft EDGE browser is highly superior, but it ends Microsoft's custom engines to view the web, dating back to early versions of Internet Explorer.