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Twitter will soon record spaces talks

 Twitter will soon record spaces talks

With the start of the race now for excellence in audio social platforms, Twitter is working on its rapid voice spaces tool.

The company adds new features and tools for users in the initial test group, and looks forward to adding more users to the extended experimental group.

Twitter will soon record spaces talks

The SPACES utility may be more useful soon, where the product manager is cleared on Twitter (Kayon Beykpour) Kayvon Beykpour they are looking to add an option that will enable users to register and reuse Spaces.

The company plans to build a way to record the talks originally, as he said: The option should be present, and if you think the conversation was worth staying, they must be able to do so.

Obviously the host must be able to save what he wants, and may hosts spaces, and then keep it, and then want to modify, and must be able to do so.

Bikpur also recognized an additional complication here, with regard to multiple participants and obtaining re-use of all speakers.

He said:
 The idea of ​​registration and participation becomes more complicated when participants want to share audio without express consent of the host, and I also believe that the idea of ​​allowing the audience by choosing and sharing audio ships as an important sections.

But this seems to be a choice soon, might give spaces more sense of podcast, and can add new content options for those looking to make maximum benefits from spaces.

This may allow spaces tool to get another feature to compete for the Clubhouse platform, which is quickly expanding, and is now in direct competition with Twitter where Spaces continue to make gains.

It should also be noted that Twitter is currently recording spaces talks, held for 30 days for supervision purposes.

On the other hand, Twitter is a new common hosting option for Spaces tool, which would provide another way to manage your direct discussions.

Through the ability to host and record audio conversations, this can open a range of additional content capabilities, which can add greater value to the audio Twitter tool, and make them more attractive to brands and marketers.