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A great way to know how much radiation a phone gives off before you buy it to protect your brain


 A great way to know how much radiation a phone gives off before you buy it to protect your brain

In this post, I liked to talk with you about a very important topic, which is how to identify the amount of radiation that any phone emits before buying it, it is known that the radiation released by the phone is dangerous and negatively affects the brain and also the body, and if a person is exposed With the abundance of these radiations, he may become infected with a group of diseases as he gets older, such as the inability to move or forget, etc. That is why it is important to choose a phone that emits the fewest possible number of radiation to protect your health.

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All you have to do, dear reader, is to go to one of the two sites via the link at the bottom of the post and then write the name of the phone that you own or want to buy. Directly, the phone’s features will appear to you because the site already offers advantages and then you will find the amount of radiation that your phone sheds on SAR phones, but what you have to do is search For word
The head of the one who carries it and the second on the body of the one who carries it in watt per kilogram, for example I tested the Galaxy S7 phone and the following result appeared to me:

Frankly, this is a good result, but if the result is more than 1 watt / kg, as is the case with the iPhone 6 and 6 +, which are among the most radiation phones, it is better to look for others.
For the site, you use the same method, but you will find the option that we explained at the top, and there are other sites like this, but in my opinion these two sites are sufficient
Note: On some phones you will find an American size and another for Europe. This one we saw above is an European size and you may find a difference between the European size and the American size.

Link to the two sites: