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An application that helps you fall asleep quickly if you are having trouble sleeping


 An application that helps you fall asleep quickly if you are having trouble sleeping

Sleep problems are one of the factors that some people crave. The inability to sleep or just poor sleep can lead to illnesses and ailments of all kinds, both physically and mentally. So, if you start having problems at bedtime, we have an app that can help you.

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Loóna application

Its name is Loona, which has been chosen as one of the best apps of 2020, it contains narrations, sounds and images aimed at relaxing and helping us sleep.
Sleep is a critical factor in the physical and mental health of any human being, and its lack of access to many diseases. Therefore, it is common to experience certain sleep problems at some point, due to stress burdens and other daily setbacks. In these cases, we can try alternatives that allow us to relax, rest and sleep as usual.

One such alternative is the Loona app, which is equipped with resources designed to promote relaxation and sleep. It is a free app that you can access when you need to reduce stress to cope with any situation or fall asleep when you have difficulty falling asleep.

To achieve this, the app contains dynamics called Soundscapes and Sleepscapes, based on sounds that will help us achieve the condition we want. Plus, it includes meditation and sleep guides that can help you rest.

When we launch the application for the first time, we will have to answer some questions regarding what we want to achieve through the application. Based on your answers, Loona will provide you with tools that suit your situation. This way, you can get support if you start to have trouble sleeping.