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A comprehensive comparison between Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, and which one is better


 A comprehensive comparison between Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, and which one is better

Internet browsers are one of the first applications that users look for when buying a new phone or computer because of its very great importance, in short, browsers are the gateway to the Internet world full of data and information, and there are many companies competing with each other to provide the best fast and safe browser The market is filled with dozens of different browsers, including the famous browser Google Chrome, at the top of the competition, as it holds a 63% share of the browser market, while Microsoft Edge comes in fifth place with a share of 3.65%.

In fact, you can easily notice the vast difference in the popularity of both browsers, but does this mean that Google Chrome is simply the best? In fact, no, both browsers offer a lot of very cool features and there are a lot of similarities between them, but the reason why Edge is not so popular yet may be because it is a relatively modern browser, and Microsoft did not pay enough attention to it except in the last period, In any case, let us present to you below a comprehensive comparison between the two browsers and which one is better in 2021.

Design and overall appearance

Let's start with the clearest part when comparing the two browsers, which is the design, and in general the design of Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers is similar, as they are built with the same Chromium engine and therefore you will notice a broad similarity between them, specifically in certain elements such as the search bar, icons, basic buttons, and even menus are located in the same The location is almost the same on both browsers, but there may be some slight differences between the two browsers in design, specifically for the home page. By default, Microsoft Edge is set to Microsoft's Bing search engine, while Google Chrome is set to the Google browser.

So in terms of design, you will not find many differences between the two browsers, even if some slight differences between them appear, Microsoft Edge may seem a little newer in terms of design, icons and menus, but it remains very similar to Chrome because they are based on the same kernel, Chromium.

Performance and resource consumption

Performance may be the most important part when comparing two browsers, especially for devices with limited capabilities, and in general the two browsers are very similar when it comes to performance, but Edge is slightly outperforming Chrome browser by a slight difference in the Kraken and Jetstream metrics that measure the performance of browsers, and in In fact, this is very common and known about the Google Chrome browser, where everyone complains about the problem of consuming RAM heavily while using Chrome.

In some tests conducted on both browsers to measure the performance of each of them, Google Chrome was using 1.5 GB of RAM when loading 6 pages in different tabs, while Microsoft Edge used only about 700 MB of RAM, and here the difference between the two browsers appears in terms of Memory consumption, so if you want to get the best tool and you have limited RAM, then Edge browser will definitely be the best for you.

Support for various operating systems and synchronization

Both browsers support a wide range of known devices and operating systems, for Chrome it is available on Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS and iPadOS in addition to Chromebook, and for Edge, it comes installed by default on Windows of course while it supports other operating systems such as Android and iOS as well Mac and iPadOS can also be easily run on systems that do not support it, such as Chromebook, in very simple ways.

So in general, it can be said that the two browsers support both the known platforms of the computer and smartphones, and this certainly allows you to synchronize your data with ease, but in fact there is a clear advantage for Google Chrome when it comes to synchronization as it allows you to synchronize almost all data between systems The various data including passwords, bookmarks, history, applications, settings, even open tabs, and more other data as shown in the previous image, and this allows you to work on different devices easily, while Edge allows you to synchronize basic data also such as history, bookmarks, passwords, etc. It is not as fast and efficient as Chrome yet, but Edge is expected to reach the efficiency of Chrome in the future, but so far Google Chrome surpasses when it comes to syncing.

Privacy and security

Microsoft Edge browser contains more security and privacy settings than Chrome browser where you can control the data that is shared about you and it also allows you to prevent tracking and tracking tools from the sites you visit, and this can help you reduce the possibilities of sharing your personal information on various sites. Edge browser gives you three different levels of tracking settings, which are basic, balanced and restrictive settings, and the latter is the best among them as it prevents websites from accessing your data completely, and Edge also contains Microsoft Defender SmartScreen, which protects users from phishing websites and applications or programs The browser recognizes this by analyzing the pages that you visit.

On the other hand, Google Chrome browser is limited to some simple settings when it comes to privacy, and these settings include Safe Browsing and the Do Not Track feature, but in any case, Google Chrome remains a safe browser as well as it provides protection from harmful websites and all extensions in the Chrome market are examined. In order to remove any suspicious add-ons, it is a good idea that both Chrome and Edge provide the ability to control the permissions of different sites.