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5 best phone camera accessories that make you a professional photographer


 5 best phone camera accessories that make you a professional photographer

Most smartphone users rely on the phone's camera for photography instead of owning a special camera, but certainly the phone camera will not be as powerful as professional cameras for photography, so many companies have invented very elegant and smart accessories that enable you to access your phone's camera to the degree of professionalism, and these accessories include Camera lenses, a phone holder, a selfie stick, and so on, and even if you own one of the leading phones with an excellent camera, you may not be able to make the most of it without using the following accessories, so without lengthening more let us present you the best phone camera accessories in the following.

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Camera lenses

Lenses are a very useful accessory for anyone who wants to professionally photograph with a smartphone camera, as they help you to take better and clearer pictures by improving the performance of the camera and compensating for the deficiency in it, and there are many types of lenses, there is a fish eye lens for the wide angle as well as a lens Macro, which is used for accurate photography, as you enlarge the image to a very large degree, starting from 2x, 7x, 14x, and 15x, and up to 21 times, and there is another very distinctive type of lens, which is the Telephoto lens for zoom, and some lenses also include built-in filters from In order to improve the image and remove noise and noise in it, smartphone lenses are available in many stores for electronic devices as well as on e-shopping sites such as Amazon and others, and these lenses are easy to install and install on the phone.


One of the most important factors that help to capture distinctive images with the phone's camera is image stabilization, which requires fixing the phone while photographing is very strong, and although smart phone manufacturers focus on this point a lot as they develop the camera so that the phone movement fades, but it does not work as The best as it is only found in flagship phones. In this case, using the holder will be the best solution to obtain stable and clear images, and the phone holder is very useful during video shooting, etc.

There are many types of stands, but the best and cheapest type are tripods that enable you to install your phone very strongly on any level surface and have in the holder a clip compatible with all smart phones so that you can easily install the phone in the holder, and there are very professional types of stands Which is more expensive, like the GorillaPod Stand, which provides you with wide rotation in all directions. In order to save cost on users, some companies have introduced a selfie stick that works as a phone holder at the same time, and this is what we talk about below.

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Selfie stick

Selfie stick is one of the best accessories for taking selfies, souvenirs on trips, etc. Although there are a lot of inferior brands in the market, this should not stop you from thinking about getting a unique selfie stick. Basically this stick is used to carry the phone and take pictures, but it has evolved greatly now that it offers many other functions, such as the ability to convert it into a tripod in order to install the phone, which saves you the cost of purchasing another holder, and like all other accessories, the selfie stick is characterized by the ability to carry It is easily installed and therefore not considered a hindrance when traveling.

Light source

All smart phone cameras come with a flash to improve photography, especially in dim or dark places, but in reality this lighting will not provide you with sufficient performance, especially if you want to shoot professional and distinctive video, you will not find better than relying on an additional light source, so you find there are many You are one of the famous YouTubers who advise beginners to rely on a strong light source when shooting as it has an important role in producing the best videos, so relying on the phone's LED flash will not be a good option at all.

There are many types of light sources for the phone camera, there is one type that is installed on the phone directly so that the light is directed to the place of photography, and there is another type in the form of a circular ring, and these types differ among themselves in terms of the number of lights, lighting strength, connection method, additional features and other that.

Storage media

With the great development in the smart phone camera industry, the size of the images and videos that are captured increases, one minute in 4K quality can reach more than 80 megabytes, so shooting a 10-minute or quarter-hour video will consume a large proportion of the phone's internal storage space, so it will be Using storage media is useful in this case in order to feel free to take pictures and videos and not be restricted by the space of the phone, and there are a lot of options that you can rely on to obtain additional storage capacity. You can use a memory card if a phone supports this, and you can store files on the computer or External hard drive or use of cloud storage services if there is a fast and stable internet connection.