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Klopp settles the debate over the possibility of Mohamed Salah and Van Dijk leaving Liverpool after announcing his departure.


Klopp settles the debate over the possibility of Mohamed Salah and Van Dijk leaving Liverpool after announcing his departure.

Jurgen Klopp, the German head coach of the first football team at Liverpool, commented on the future of the trio Arnold, Mohamed Salah, and Van Dijk, after his departure from the Reds.

Jurgen Klopp announced his departure from Liverpool after the end of the current season, putting an end to his tenure with the Reds that began in October 2015, during which he achieved all possible titles.

Yesterday, Van Dijk stated that he wants further clarification regarding his new contract, with 18 months remaining on his current deal with the Reds.

Yesterday, reports from the British newspaper "The Sun" circulated, suggesting that Mohamed Salah is among 5 players likely to leave Liverpool after the end of the season, following Jurgen Klopp's departure.

The German coach commented during the press conference ahead of the Chelsea match, saying: "It's completely normal. Nobody knew about my situation a week ago, but there are still 18 months left on their contracts, and there's nothing to worry about."

He added: "The press writes what they want, but the club is stable, and everything will be fine. I'm 100% sure they will stay, and I advise them to stay."

He pointed out: "There's enough time to settle everything. The boys love this place. Everything is okay, and some are trying to underestimate the intelligence of our fans."

Pochettino warns Liverpool: We won't be part of your celebrations for Klopp.

Mauricio Pochettino, the manager of Chelsea, has confirmed their desire to win against Liverpool in their upcoming match tomorrow in the Premier League. The match will be hosted at Anfield Stadium as part of the twenty-second round of the English Premier League.

The game comes days after Jurgen Klopp announced his departure from Liverpool at the end of the current season.

Pochettino was asked about the matter, to which he responded in statements published by the English newspaper "Mirror": "It's time for him to announce his situation. The players are professionals, they want to win, I don't see any situation that will affect their performance."

He added: "Certainly, it will be a special match for him. It will always be special until the end. Every time they play at Anfield, there will always be a celebration by the fans towards Klopp to give him all the love they feel for him, and he deserves it."

"But we are thinking about going there and winning the match. Sorry, but we don't want to be part of the celebration," he continued. 

"After a few months at home, Klopp will start missing training sessions and players. When you're in another phase of your life, you start to miss the part that was really important to you," he added.

"He's a coach and a person I will miss. I love watching him on the touchline and the team he coaches. I hope he's absent for only a few months, maybe for one year, and then he returns after that," he concluded.