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Jurgen Klopp sends a message to Liverpool fans after the win against Norwich City


 Jurgen Klopp sends a message to Liverpool fans after the win against Norwich City

The German, Jurgen Klopp, the manager of Liverpool, sent a message to the Reds' fans today, following the victory against Norwich in the English Cup competition.

Liverpool managed to secure a win against Norwich City with a score of 5-2, in the context of the Round of 32 of the English FA Cup.

Jurgen Klopp said in a post-match press conference: "The atmosphere from the fans was fantastic. I love it. I won't say don't sing my song anymore. People can do what they want, we just need support for the team. Don't always think about the manager."

He continued: "It's emotional, but I have to be strong. I've received all the messages. I'm not made of wood. I told people to stop singing my song at matches, and it's good they've actually stopped listening."

Klopp added: "Four out of the five goals were contributed by academy players, which is really wonderful."

Regarding the academy, he said: "There's still a lot in the future. Today, Bobby didn't play, Trent didn't play, Jaden Danso, Luis Coomans, the academy is in a good moment."

Klopp pointed out Curtis Jones: "He's in a wonderful moment, very important, a great player, but he's also a big role model for the academy kids. If Jones can learn defending, then anyone can learn defending."

About McAllister, Klopp said: "He could have played today, but we preferred to rest him. He should be fit for the Chelsea match."