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Importance of Adding Your Email to WhatsApp Account and How to Do It


 Importance of Adding Your Email to WhatsApp Account and How to Do It

"WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging applications, making it easy for you to stay connected with friends and family. For this reason, it prioritizes your security."

Importance of Adding Your Email to WhatsApp Account and How to Do It

"Despite the fact that the application already includes numerous features to safeguard your account, personal data, and overall privacy, a new option has now been introduced to make the service even more secure.

Imagine you want to use WhatsApp, and it turns out that the verification code via SMS doesn't reach your mobile phone, or worse, you have no coverage at that time. This is where the new tool comes in to rescue you – Email Verification on WhatsApp.

There is a new method to enhance the protection of your WhatsApp account, and that is activating Email Verification, allowing you to receive a code in your email inbox when logging in on another device.

This way, if you can't receive the code via SMS for any reason, you can use this method to verify your identity. Essentially, it's an additional step that makes it difficult for anyone to access your account without your permission. Moreover, it's very easy to activate.

- Open the WhatsApp application on your Android or iPhone and go to Settings.
- Click on Account.
- At this stage, you should look for and select the Email Address option.
- Add your email and click Next."

"The application will send a six-digit code to your email address. Click on the link that will be sent to verify your email address, and you're done. Email verification on WhatsApp is a new feature that allows you to confirm your identity in the application. Of course, it is not meant to replace the current methods but rather serve as an alternative in case of any possibility."