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The most important terminology used in the cryptocurrency market

 The most important terms used in the cryptocurrency market and Bitcoin

This topic, which we will present in the next lines, is exclusively intended for beginners who find problems in understanding some of the terms dedicated exclusively to the cryptocurrency market, and some of these terms exist even in other financial markets.

The most important terminology used in the cryptocurrency market

Those who look at the first glance at the crypto market will find several terms related to animals such as bears, bulls, and whales, as well as strange terms and abbreviations such as:

FUD, HODL, REKT, FOMO, Lambo and Moon

The most important terminology used in the cryptocurrency market

We'll remove the confusion from all of these terms and start with:

  • FUD:

These three large and important signifying letters in the cryptocurrency market, which mean fear and suspicion, and generally refer to the strategy of influencing by spreading negative or questionable information, and sometimes wrong and non-existent in the first place.

This strategy is carried out by people or companies who try to reduce the price of the currency that people sell and then buy cheaper.

What we say in this regard and in the event of a FUD emergence, keep your target cryptocurrency holdings and do not sell until the FUD wave passes.

  • FOMO:

Fear of losing.

It is considered one of the most powerful mechanisms in the crypto market and other markets, which is buying a currency because everyone has bought it.

Among the most important things that expose people to the risk of loss is the rush due to fear of loss, and therefore you must do your own research before buying any currency.

  • HODL:

The abbreviation also has great importance and means adherence and not to sell even in the stages of weakness and market collapse. The description of HODLER can be given to the person who buys the currency and does not want to sell it in the near term.

  • ATH:

Higher than ever.

The high value that the encrypted digital currency reaches and achieves a historical price is a completely inappropriate time to buy.

  • MOON:

Moon and that the value of a coin is about to fly to the moon.

  • WHALE:

Pisces is a very well-suited description of whales behind high or low prices.

  • Bullish:

Revolutionary means that the investor believes that the currency and the market will rise in general.

  • Bearish:

Dubai, the opposite of the revolutionary, and he generally believes that the currency's price will decline.

  • Altcoin:

Any cryptocurrency outside of Bitcoin is called an altcoin.

  • REKT:

It means the crash and destruction of the currency immediately after buying it at a high level, so you will immediately have a REKT.

  • Pump & Dump:

Pumping and emptying are evident when the currency appreciates at rates jumping from 300%, 400%, and more than 1000% in a 24-hour time frame.

It is usually used by some traders to create a FOMO in the market and attract the largest possible amount of buying or selling, and usually, beginners are exposed to it and are exposed in the end to the so-called REKT.

  • Weak Hands:

Weak hands indicate an investor who is selling at a loss when the market is in a bearish phase.

  • Shill

It means that a certain person or entity creates a stir around a currency to cause a fuss about it and increase the value of the currency.