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An app that has achieved 1 billion downloads, you should hurry to delete it


 An app that has achieved 1 billion downloads, you should hurry to delete it

With over a billion downloads on Google Play, SHAREI has become one of the most downloaded apps in Android history. In fact, it was only a few years ago that it reached the top 10 best apps in the world. Now TrendMicro's cybersecurity experts have not only discovered a single flaw in the app, but rather several SHAREI security flaws that can compromise user data as well as the safety of your devices.

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As the researchers identified, after analyzing the application code, several vulnerabilities were discovered. Some of them may lead to remote code execution. In fact, it was possible to verify how the vulnerability was exploited with a specially created fake app that is able to obtain read / write permissions through SHAREIt.
This allows third-party applications to be installed without the need for the user to explicitly grant permission for it using SHAREIt's built-in tools.

But this is not the only flaw that was discovered in the application. Researchers indicate that SHAREI is also vulnerable to attack through Man in the Disk or MITD technologies, allowing attackers to attempt to deceive users through pop-ups and installing malicious apps.

Currently, Google has already been informed of the problem, and it is hoped that the company will take action on it, and perhaps remove the app from the store temporarily. It is worth noting that the application also contains an iOS version that allows files to be shared between devices in the same way as in the Android version, although it is not currently clear whether this version suffers from the same security issues. So our recommendation is to remove it from your phone immediately.