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The most important new features in Microsoft Edge Chromium browser


 The most important new features in Microsoft Edge Chromium browser

After Microsoft released several experimental versions of its Edge Chromium browser for Windows 10, the company announced that the official version will be announced in mid-January, and as it approaches, we will touch on this topic to some of the wonderful features in this distinctive browser so follow me.

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Block tracking feature from sites:

Unlike other browsers, Edge Chromium Browser provides you with options to prevent tracking and maintain your privacy, and all you have to take advantage of this feature is to head to the settings, then the Privacy and Services section, and then activate the Tracking Prevention feature.

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Pin sites to taskbar:

You can now pin your favorite sites to the taskbar to access them faster, so all you have to take advantage of this service is to enter the site you want to install, then open the main menu in the top right, then click on the More Tools option, then Pin To Task Bar.

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Browsing without a mouse:

This feature was named Caret Browsing, which enables you to browse the Internet without the need for a mouse, and all you have to do is press the F7 button and the window shown in the image will appear for you, press Turn On and you will be able to control everything on the browser directly from the keyboard .

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Collections :

This feature enables you to save web pages, images, or even texts, and you can arrange and organize them beautifully, so all you have to do is open any page you want and then click on anything you want to save with the right mouse button and then the Add To Collection option and to see what you have saved Click on the button on the top as shown in the image above.

Immersive Reader :

This feature is similar to the reading mode that we see in some other browsers, which enables you to focus on reading without any distraction by images or ads, but what distinguishes it in Edge is that you can make the browser read the text to you, so all you have to do is press the book button Located at the top, then Read Aloud option, and you will be able to control the speed and voice of the reciter through Voice Options.

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