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Emotet, the world's most dangerous and malicious program, is dismantled through a global police measure


 Emotet, the world's most dangerous and malicious program, is dismantled through a global police measure

This week, police and judicial authorities around the world dismantled the Emotet "most dangerous malware in the world." This is one of the most important bot networks of the past decade and its effects are well known in countries on almost all continents.

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In an internationally coordinated action, police and judicial investigators from countries such as Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Canada, and Ukraine were able to gain control of the malware's infrastructure. All this is coordinated by Europol and Eurogest, the European body for judicial coordination between countries.
Europol explains that they have destroyed the infrastructure used by Emotet, the malware preferred by groups of high-profile cybercriminals, and they have taken control of hundreds of servers located in different parts of the world.

To avoid dismantling Emotet, police and judicial authorities coordinated this week to take control of the infrastructure in an orderly way and from the inside, as well as make computers infected with this virus no longer available to criminals. "This is a unique and new method for effectively disrupting the activities of cybercrime facilitators," they say.

Moreover, the body responsible for facilitating crime-fighting operations within the European Union did not provide further information about the police operation, investigation, or possible arrests. Recently, a police action coordinated by Europol succeeded in seizing more than 30,000 domains for violating intellectual property rights.