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How to find out which application fills your phone with ads and easily remove it


 How to find out which application fills your phone with ads and easily remove it

You turn on the phone and see an ad on the lock screen. You turn on the phone, you try to open WhatsApp, and another ad pops up, your phone is completely jittery and prevents you from doing anything other than waiting for the ad to finish. There is no doubt that you have encountered this situation before after installing an application whose sole intention was to take advantage of ads, which are programs that flood your devices with ads.

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AppWatch application

So if you suddenly find that your phone is filled with ads, it could only be due to one reason: You installed an app that caused you this disaster. But don't worry because, fortunately, there are several ways to determine which app is causing all of this.
To solve the problem, you should use the AppWatch app, which uses the Android Activity Log to locate the offending apps. Of course, it's not automatic because you have to start the scan manually, you also have to go to the activity log to discover where the ads came from. What App Watch does is make the process a lot easier for you so that the offensive ads will disappear from your mobile phone.

Once the App Watch is installed, perform the following process:

Open AppWatch and allow permission to use apps.

- Go back to AppWatch and click "Start Monitoring". From that moment on, the app will record app activity, and always show you a notification.

- Use your mobile phone in the normal way until an ad that is not intended for the application in use appears.

- Open AppWatch immediately (from the notification and look at the last app on the list. This will be the reason for showing ads.

- Remove the app in question and you are done.

It might be the case that you have multiple apps installed that display ads. If this is what is happening to you, you will have to repeat the steps of AppWatch until you have cleaned the phone completely. Remember, the app does not remove ads, it only provides you with information so you can discover which apps are causing it. Once done, you can deactivate and remove AppWatch from the phone.

Link: AppWatch