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Microsoft plans to integrate ChatGPT into the Office suite of applications.

 Microsoft plans to integrate ChatGPT into the Office suite of applications.

Microsoft announced this week the integration of the AI technology ChatGPT into Bing search engine, and is currently working on integrating the same technology into its Office suite of applications.

According to information obtained by The Verge, the company plans to officially launch the feature in March.

Microsoft plans to integrate ChatGPT into the Office suite of applications.

According to new information, Microsoft is testing ChatGPT in its Outlook email application to improve search results and to write suggested responses to emails. Microsoft also plans to integrate the service into Word to help users write text and into Powerpoint to help generate slides.

According to the report, Microsoft is trying to speed up the process of launching AI features in its programs to beat Google in this field. According to information published, Microsoft originally planned to announce the AI features in Bing at the end of February, but hastened the date so as not to fall behind Google, which announced a similar step just one day before Microsoft's announcement.

The report states that the CEO of Microsoft (Satya Nadella) has encouraged its employees to quickly adopt these new features, inspired by the great success of ChatGPT, which reached 100 million monthly active users only two months after its launch, making it one of the fastest-growing web applications in the world.

Although Microsoft has contracted with OpenAI to use ChatGPT, the company said that the technology used in its search engine is a modified, stronger version of the normal ChatGPT, relying on a new linguistic model from OpenAI designed specifically for search operations and adding that this model is faster, more accurate, and better equipped compared to ChatGPT.

The company added that it has developed its own approach to working with the OpenAI model to better leverage its power, giving the user fresher, more relevant results and a higher level of security. The company also noted that the search engine improvements did not just focus on providing chat functionality but also included improving the quality of traditional search results.

The company said it applied the new model to its Bing results ranking engine, resulting in a significant improvement in the quality of its search engine results over the past 20 years in terms of accuracy and the relevance of those results to the search terms.

The company had announced the launch of the new version of Bing supported by AI capabilities earlier this week.