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What is the Generative AI technology used in ChatGPT and how does it work?"


 What is the Generative AI technology used in ChatGPT and how does it work?"

"In just a few months, a group of artificial intelligence applications swept the internet, which experts say will change the world forever, and some have even likened the revolution brought by these applications to the revolution brought by the internet itself.

What is the Generative AI technology used in ChatGPT and how does it work?"

In just a few months, applications such as ChatGPT, which provides text generation services, and DALL-E, Midjourny, and other image generation applications, have become the talk of the world, to the point that ChatGPT quickly became the fastest-growing web application ever, to the extent that the giant Microsoft invested 10 billion dollars to obtain the right to use it in its programs.

How do these new technologies work? What is the secret of their power and ability to generate works that cannot be distinguished from human production?"

"Generative Artificial Intelligence"

These applications rely on a technology called Generative AI, which has been developed for years and is known for its ability to generate new content based on existing data. The technology can generate images, sounds, texts, and even videos.

To train the AI model, it is fed with massive amounts of human-produced data such as books, articles, and graphics, allowing it to learn patterns and relationships between different elements.

After being trained on the data, the model can generate new content by predicting the next element in a series of possible elements.

The AI may not understand the meaning of a simple phrase like "the student went to school," but through training on millions of texts, it can infer that the student is the subject, school is the place, and that "school" should come in the genitive case, not because it understands grammar, but because it noticed that words are usually in the genitive case after "to" in the texts it was trained on.

With sufficient training, the model can write a sentence like that even if it was not part of the data it was trained on.

If an artificial intelligence model is trained on a dataset containing news articles, it becomes capable of generating new articles that resemble them to the extent that they cannot be distinguished from human-written articles.

Text generation is considered a field of artificial intelligence technologies that relies on Natural Language Processing.

Similarly, image generation services work based on Computer Vision technology, where artificial intelligence can generate new images based on previously trained images.

If the model is trained on images containing faces, it becomes capable of generating new realistic-looking faces that do not resemble those it was trained on.

"Misgivings and Criticisms"

Despite the fascinating possibilities offered by artificial intelligence, it has not prevented the emergence of many concerns and criticisms of this technology, including its use to produce fake content that is difficult to distinguish from the real thing.

For example, a model for artificial intelligence can be trained on a set of celebrity images and then used to generate new fake images that cannot be distinguished from the real ones, which can be used to spread lies and influence public opinion.

Several universities and schools around the world have banned access to ChatGPT because students use it to write reports and complete school assignments, prompting some companies to develop specialized tools to detect text written using artificial intelligence.

What worries users is the accuracy of the results provided by generative artificial intelligence. While it is capable of generating content derived from actual data that appears similar to it, there is no guarantee of the accuracy or meaning of the results.

For example, a model trained on a set of articles can produce new articles containing false or irrelevant information

Balancing Possibilities and Concerns.

It is well-known that artificial intelligence will reshape the world in various aspects, from our work to our personal lives.

Major tech companies have started integrating AI technologies into their programs and applications, with the latest being Microsoft's integration of ChatGPT into its search engine and Google's similar announcement. However, caution is necessary to avoid the possible use of AI for producing fake or inaccurate content.

It is important for developers to continuously improve the technology and take necessary measures to ensure accuracy and prevent unethical or illegal use.