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"Robot ChatGPT will change the world"


 "Robot ChatGPT will change the world"

Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft, said today on Friday that he believes chatbot, ChatGPT, "will change the world."

The 67-year-old man, in an attempt to promote ChatGPT, which has become the talk of the hour since its launch late last November, said that the smart chatbot will make many office jobs more efficient.

"Robot ChatGPT will change the world"

ChatGPT stands out for its ability to provide human-like responses in an amazing way, answering follow-up questions, recognizing mistakes, challenging false assumptions, and also rejecting inappropriate commands. It can also write poems, programming commands, and much more.

Gates said in an interview with the German site Handelsblatt: "Until now, artificial intelligence could read and write, but it could not understand the content. New programs, such as ChatGPT, will make many office jobs more efficient by helping write bills or messages. And this will change our world."

During the summer of 2022, Gates met with Greg Brockman, CEO and co-founder of OpenAI, to review some of the upcoming AI product

Recently, the artificial intelligence technology company announced a multi-year investment in billions of dollars with American software giant Microsoft. Despite stepping down from Microsoft's board of directors in 2020, Gates still spends 10% of his time at the company's headquarters in Washington state, according to Forbes magazine.

Gates, who has been outspoken and repetitive about the future of AI and its benefits, says his interest in this technology dates back to his early days of learning about software. In a previous interview with Forbes, he said, "The plan to make computers see, hear, and speak is what the industry is striving for in its entirety. It has always piqued my interest and that's how this AI learning technology is working so well, especially when it comes to understanding speech and images. I was surprised by the number of additional inventions we will need before AI becomes truly intelligent, meaning passing tests and writing fluently."

Regarding OpenAI, Gates said he is more aware of their work than others and added, "What OpenAI has done is highly impressive and they are definitely leading in many aspects of AI. This is what people see through the widespread launch of GPT-3."

The tremendous success of the chatbot, GPT-3...