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How do you keep your phone battery from overcharging?


 How do you keep your phone battery from overcharging?

Keep your phone battery from overcharging and get an alert when charging is complete

Old phones were constantly charging, which negatively affects the batteries

 As for modern phones, overcharging does not significantly affect the performance of the battery, because it is equipped with a chip that prevents the continuation of charging after 100%, but when it drops to 99%, the charging will start again and so on, and the continuation of charging will cause the phone to heat up.

 Leaving the phone and the charger, which will affect the charging circuit in the phone and the charger together, so it is preferable to separate the phone from the completion of charging, but unfortunately there is no alert option in the phones when the charging is complete, so we will learn in this post a simple application that activates the phone alert to notify you when the battery charge ends.

How do you keep your phone battery from overcharging?

Full Battery Charge Alarm

 The most convenient and reliable option to make a battery full alert, it comes with a very simple user interface, does not contain ads, and is completely free. Download the application from the link at the bottom of the post and after launching the application, it will run in the background immediately to monitor changes in the charging percentage. The interface displays the current battery level, battery status, battery voltage, and temperature as well

When you plug the phone into the charger and the battery is fully charged, Full Battery Charge Alarm will sound an audible alarm with a vibration that doesn't stop until you unplug the charger. You can also make the application issue the alarm in silent mode from the “Enable alarm in silent mode” option on the settings page, and you can change the charging percentage at which the alarm is issued

Note: The application does not allow to change the alarm sound and this is the only drawback.