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Google launches an amazing WiFi app like never before

 Google launches an amazing new WiFi app like never before and is the first to try it

Your smartphone uses a combination of wireless signals to determine your geographical location. While this worked fine for geolocations, the user's location is not located within the home.

Google launches an amazing WiFi app like never before

Google earlier added support for WiFi 802.11mc in Android P to let apps know your exact internal location.

 Also known as Wi-Fi Round-Trip-Time (RTT), this standard allows apps to measure the distance between your phone and nearby Wi-Fi access points to know your internal location.

The new WiFi 802.11mc protocol, which locates our mobile phones in our homes Now we can test it on our phones thanks to a new app launched by Google itself.

The app, called WifiRttScan App, measures the distance the phone is from the access point (eg a router). Through this, he is able to more accurately determine the location of the user at home without having to resort to GPS satellites that work very poorly in indoor situations, as well as increase battery consumption.

In the app description on Google Play, Google claims that the app can determine your internal location with an accuracy of 1-2 meters using WiFi-RTT compatible access points. This is meant to be used for indoor locations where GPS is more or less useless.

All this can now be verified through the application that Google has launched for developers, manufacturers, or researchers. However, it can also be used by any of us to check the accuracy of the site in this way.

The app was already available months ago on GitHub in APK form, but now it can be installed from the Google Play Store more easily.
The application can be downloaded for free, and it is necessary to have Android 9 or later to test it because the functionality is only available in this version and later

Application download link: WifiRttScan App