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Make your phone skip YouTube ads automatically

 In a new way 2021... Make your phone skip YouTube ads automatically without your intervention

We all know that YouTube is based on ads, but it is one of the most annoying things when watching YouTube clips, regardless of the bad content of the ads currently, as you are forced to watch a certain part of the ads and then manually click on the Skip Ad button to complete the clip, which is a simple but annoying process, especially if it is repeated in The same video, so in this post, we will learn about an application that enables you to bypass it automatically without interference, as it works on many other services.

Make your phone skip YouTube ads automatically

Skippy app is free for Android and you can click on the Skip Ad button automatically to bypass YouTube ads on Android. Download the application from the link below the post. After launching the application, press the start button, then activate the Skippy paws service

Click on the Start Now button and the application will start running in the background

You can close the application and leave it running in the background, then open YouTube videos and when the Skip Ad button appears, the application will automatically click on it to start the video

From the settings, you can add any word in any language "as in the previous picture", which when it appears on your phone screen, the application will click on it automatically, which helps you to skip a lot of annoying things such as opening screens, surveys, etc.