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Tik Tok allows you to delete annoying comments in one go

 Tik Tok allows you to delete annoying comments in one go

TikTok makes it easy for content creators to quickly report spam, and with the update rolling out today, it adds the ability to select multiple comments simultaneously - up to 100 - so that content creators can delete and report them or block accounts en masse.

Tik Tok allows you to delete annoying comments in one go

TikTok said: Today we're launching a new way for content makers to more easily manage interactions with their content, and people are putting a lot of effort into producing creative content via TikTok, and we know how frustrated you might feel when receiving unpleasant comments via videos.

  • She added: Users are now able to tick checkboxes and bulk deletions, such as in email inbox.

Previously, content creators had to go one by one when flagging, deleting, or blocking, so this new system should help people and possibly even encourage them to clear comments they don't want to see.

The feature should be especially useful over TikTok, because the network's algorithm can transform anyone into a star in an instant, placing them suddenly in front of millions of unknown viewers.

This can put amateurs and content makers alike in a position to receive spam, and the platform needs to provide a means for them to deal with it on a scale commensurate with the massive viewership of Tik Tok videos.

TikTok says: The feature is rolling out today in specific markets and globally in the coming weeks.

This feature is the latest in a series of anti-bullying features, including the option to approve comments one by one before they appear and a prompt that tells people to reconsider their posts if TikTok thinks they have written something that goes against the community's rules.

The platform suffers from a bullying problem, and in a 2020 survey conducted by the security research firm Security.org, parents of children who used social media reported that 64 percent of them had experienced cyberbullying via Tik Tok, which makes it superior to Instagram, which was previously considered the most popular platform. For cyberbullying.