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Manchester United denies its involvement in the protests of its fans yesterday

 Manchester United denies that it was involved in the protests of its fans yesterday, before the confrontation with Liverpool

Manchester United denied reports that their staff had allowed fans to enter Old Trafford for their Sunday protests.

Manchester United denies its involvement in the protests of its fans yesterday

It was supposed to hold a match between Liverpool and Manchester United yesterday evening at Old Trafford in the 34th round of the English Premier League.

Manchester United fans protested outside the stadium, demanding the club's owners' departure due to their involvement in the European Super League before they stormed the stadium.

This led to the match being postponed indefinitely.

Manchester United issued a new statement today: “After yesterday’s events, while many fans wanted to exercise their right to protest and express their opinion peacefully, some were intent on disrupting the team’s preparations and the match itself, as evidenced by the activity at the Lowry Hotel and on the field.”.

  • He added: "Reports in the main media and social media that the protesters were able to access the stadium and the stadium through a gate opened by the club's employees are completely incorrect."

  • And he continued: "After breaking through the security barriers in the front yard, some protesters climbed the gates at the end of the Munich Tunnel, and then had to enter a side door in the podium, before opening an external door allowing others to enter the stadium from the inside."

  • He continued, "A second breach occurred when one of the demonstrators smashed the door of the disabled access elevator, which enabled a group to enter the stage. The majority of our fans will condemn the criminal harm, along with any violence against club employees, the police, or other fans, and this has now become the prerogative of the police."

  • "The club does not want to punish peaceful protesters, but it will work with the police to identify those involved in criminal activity, and it will also issue its own penalties for any season ticket holder or specific member, according to the published penal policy."

  • He concluded: "Information on the match rescheduling and any possible repercussions on other matches will be announced after discussion and agreement with the Premier League. We remain committed to dialogue and participation with our fans through the fan forum and other appropriate channels."