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What is Telegram voice chat How does Clubhouse compete?

 What is Telegram voice chat How does Clubhouse compete?

The Clubhouse application for voice chat has achieved great popularity among social media applications recently, and because of this great popularity, some social media applications have begun to offer new features or services to their users that are similar in functionality to the new application, such as: the Telegram application that introduced the feature of voice chat Channels, Twitter Spaces, and more.

What is Telegram voice chat How does Clubhouse compete?

The Voice Conversations feature appeared in Telegram groups for the first time during the month of December 2020, adding a new dimension to live voice chat in groups, as it allowed users to convert any group of groups participating in it into a group voice chat room that is always open, and group members can join and leave as they wish.

Voice conversations work alongside messaging tools, as they become virtual spaces for workers or a place where they can easily discuss any topic with others.

New features in voice chats in Telegram:

After the spread of the (Clubhouse) application during the past months, the Telegram application launched, on March 19, the feature of voice chats in channels as well, with no limit on the number of participants.

right Now; Moderators of public channels and groups can broadcast audio conversations to millions of listeners, and new people will be able to join conversations regardless of the number of existing listeners.

This update also added the ability to record voice conversations, the improved participant lists feature the raising of the hand to speak feature, invite links to listeners and speakers, addresses for voice conversations, and the ability of famous people to join voice chats on their channels, providing an experience similar to that provided by the Clubhouse app.

How to create a voice conversation in groups or Telegram channels:

  • Go to the Telegram application on your phone.
  • Open the group or channel in which you want to start an audio chat, but you must be an Admin in it
  • Click on the group or channel image that appears in the upper-left corner, then tap the (⋮) icon in the upper-right corner to access group options.
  • Click on the option (start a voice chat) Start Voice chat.
  • What are voice chats on Telegram and how do they compete with the Clubhouse app?

  • Press the option (continue) Continue, then you can add a title to the chart, and send invitations to members who can talk to you.

The new update for voice conversations introduces new options that allow group or channel administrators to better control the conversation while keeping users muted until it is their turn to speak.

Telegram has also copied one of the Clubhouse's features, which is the ability to raise hands to indicate that moderators want to speak. The profile of the person who raises his hand will appear in the list of participants, which can be used to know his experiences and interests, which will help the supervisors to select the right person to comment and ask questions in the voice chat.

How can you join a chat on Telegram?

When joining a voice chat in a channel, users will be able to join their personal accounts or join one of their channels, as celebrities and public figures can take advantage of this feature to avoid drawing attention to their personal accounts.

The Telegram app has also made it easy to send audio chat links, as owners of public or private channels can now create unique links that open the voice chat directly, instead of just an invitation to a channel where you have a conversation.

Can voice conversations be recorded in Telegram:

The updates obtained by the live voice chats feature in the Telegram application include the ability to record voice conversations, where the administrator can post the recording later in groups or Telegram channels for those who missed the dialogue.

To protect privacy, a red light will be displayed next to any participant recording the conversation, helping you track the person recording the conversation.