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What is "DTube"? What is its importance?


 What is "DTube"? What is its importance?

"DTube", from its similar name to YouTube, appears to have a lot to do with the videos and their sharing.

What is "DTube"? What is its importance?

DTube is a decentralized video sharing platform launched in August 2017 by Adrian Marie. This platform is one of the most popular decentralized alternatives to YouTube.

According to the name "DTube", which refers to the decentralized segment, it is a decentralized platform that runs on the "Avalon" blockchain, a new blockchain aimed at social media platforms a proof-of-stake mechanism.

Video files are stored in a decentralized file system (IPFS) between peers and network operators, if one node fails, the file will flow from the next node.

"DTube" platform derives its philosophy from decentralized web technologies and encryption to provide an alternative platform to private and centralized social media such as "YouTube" or "Facebook", which, according to the founder of "DTube", has broken and lost users' trust due to its lack of transparency and unfair censorship.

How does DTube work

DTube originally launched on the STEEM blockchain.

Then the Avalon blockchain was developed to improve the scalability of the platform and introduce new concepts and utilities.

Among these new features, Avalon ensures that all community contributions such as posts, votes, and tags receive rewards in the form of Dtube Coin (DTC), which are produced and distributed by the blockchain.

Users are motivated to contribute to society by earning the “DTC” digital currency, giving them voting power at a rate of 1 DTC / 1 VP / 1 hour.

The power of voting, in turn, allows users to earn more "DTC" by moderating content, uploading posts, sharing, commenting, etc. by spending those coins.

There is also an incentive model to prevent the "DTC" from being removed from digital wallets and exchange it for another currency, as those who take it out and exchange it lose all their voting power and share in the game.

The operating blockchain for "Dtube" is based on the Proof of Stake (PoS) mechanism, whereby community members select the "leaders" who then validate transactions and mine coins, and implement future changes based on the community vote.

DTube follows the principle of "one blockchain - one app", in that every app has its own blockchain.

For DTube, its Avalon blockchain allows for effective governance, rather than relying on the STEEM blockchain, which includes hundreds of different applications, to implement community-specific changes.

DTube Mission:

DTube offers solutions to the following problems:

  • Censorship.
  • Advertising pressure.
  • Infringement of privacy by collecting personal data.
  • Unfair revenue-sharing model.

Through the use of decentralized technologies, DTube aims to rebuild trust between the platform and its community, giving members the power to modify content, and fairly distribute profits to members without censorship of freedom of expression, breach of privacy, or annoy viewers with intrusive ads.

DTube economic model

One of the main differences between DTube and other social media platforms is its economic model.

With centralized social media platforms, content creators earn less than 50% of total revenue, with the majority going to the private company that runs the platform and the advertisers.

On the "DTube" platform, 90% of the revenue goes to the content creators and operators of the platform, while only 10% goes to the "Dtube" team responsible for operating and developing the blockchain.

There are no ads on “DTube”.

Instead, a small percentage of the revenue from each video goes to developers and community leaders.

By protecting the freedoms of creators and respecting privacy, DTube has the potential to be a truly vibrant and successful platform.

The challenge for "DTube" will be to pull users from the popular central platforms towards it.