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What are the programming languages? And what are its types?

 What are the programming languages? And what are its types?

Language has been our primary means of human communication and interaction for thousands of years. The language contains the words that people need, words indicate meaning, indicate things or actions, etc. When it comes to computers, it doesn't differ much. There are many devices and software that need to communicate with each other. Your app interacts with a mouse, keyboard, or even microphone and can read files from hard disk storage. Ultimately, however, the machine understands nothing but data, ones, and zeros, which combine to give a certain meaning. We will try to simplify the explanation of programming languages ​​and their function to communicate between computers and humans.

What are the programming languages? And what are its types?

Very early computers were programmed by manually changing ones and zeros. Of course, it wasn't easy to create many programs because most of them were only used for specific applications, and their size was huge so they were very limited. For this reason, the creation of programming languages ​​was a revolutionary step that took the field to another level.

Unlike languages ​​spoken by humans, keywords in programming languages ​​are limited, and by combining these keywords, developers can create different types of programs. There are special programs that convert the program or code written by the developer into the machine language that the device understands. So what is a programming language? In short, a programming language is the set of instructions through which humans interact with computers.

What are the programming languages? What is the code?

  • Writing code is much like writing an instruction paragraph or creating a computer to-do list. Unlike humans, the list of tasks and instructions that you write for the computer should be very detailed and written with some logic, as it is, in the end, a machine, has no logic and does not develop itself! ... this is before artificial intelligence breaks this saying, but we will stick to the simplified graduation in the explanation.

  • Using programming and by writing specific code, you can make the computer draw complex shapes and create distinctive computer graphics, then create programs that understand game mechanics, for example, and help you create games that look real with gravity and particle collision, using these programs you can create interesting games, for example of all kinds, Or, you can create and send content around the world using your blog, personal website, and design your blog to fit your style. You can build business solutions that rely on technology, reach a wider range of customers, and meet a wide range of needs, and examples of applications are lengthening and almost endless.

Uses of programming languages

Website design and development

If you are interested in creating websites, there are two intertwined parts to consider.

  • First, front-end development, which is the part of web or website development that creates the program or code that runs on your browser and adjusts design, colors, and interactions. It is the portion of what the website user sees. You are currently reading this article on your screen thanks to the aforementioned front-end code. Front-end basics start with HTML and CSS with JavaScript. JavaScript has become one of the most popular languages ​​in the last few years for front-end work on websites.

  • The other part of creating websites is developing code that works behind the curtain if you will. It is the so-called back-end, which connects to the server or the server, which is the computer that runs the website's program and presents it to the world. It is mostly about routing, that is, the pages that are delivered to the user or the reader when they visit a specific URL, and it also connects to the database that stores website information and sends this data to the user. This backend development is where the magic happens and there are many programming languages ​​to choose from, you can stick to Javascript just like in front-end development, or use PHP, Ruby, C #, Elixir, and Python.

Games development

Game development is one of the most interesting paths, many developers enjoy it and some developers develop games just for the fun. Creating games requires what's called a game engine, which is the software that is used as the infrastructure for building the game and determines what the game contains and what it can do. If you are familiar with Epic Games and Fortnight, then Epic Games is actually a game engine, and Fortnight built on it. The languages ​​used in game development are mostly C ++ and C # as they require a lot of memory optimization and fast performance to create rich graphics. However, it's not just C ++ and C #, it's kind of about the engine you're using and the platform you're targeting, and Lua and Java are very popular in the industry.

Mobile application development

Creating mobile applications is a bit difficult as there is more than one mobile operating system and different operating systems will require different programming languages ​​for these applications. The operating system is the part of the program on your device that is responsible for dealing with the hardware of this device, and it is the layer that lies between the application that you create and the device, whether it is a microphone, touch screen, or Global Positioning System (GPS). The two most popular operating systems are Android and IOS. Android is commonly used in Samsung while IOS is used in Apple. To create Android apps, you will need either Java or Kotlin, and to build IOS apps, you will need Objective-C or Swift. Recently, it has become possible to create mobile apps for both Android and IOS using Javascript or Dart.

How do you learn programming languages?

  • Learning programming languages ​​primarily requires dedication and practice, you cannot become a programmer without writing code. However, you can start understanding computer science with an introductory course that you like, and my recommendation would be Harvard's CS50 which is publicly available on their youtube channel. After learning about programming and the basic concepts, you can choose your industry and language of interest and search for resources.

What are the most popular programming languages?

  • According to the 2018 Stack Overflow Developer Survey polled more than 100,000 developers' opinions about their development careers. The most popular field of the industry is found to be web development with over 57% of developers working as backend developers, and 37% as front-end developers. This earns JavaScript first place as the most popular programming language of all, followed by Java, and then Python. October for 2017 from Github showed similar results with Javascript being the most popular language, followed by Python, Java, and Ruby.