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Trezor wallet user loses a million dollars of bitcoin in this way!

 Trezor wallet user loses a million dollars of bitcoin in this way!

Fraud, piracy, and phishing are the shadows that obscure the image of cryptocurrencies, and the black face them.

Trezor wallet user loses a million dollars of bitcoin in this way!

For a long period of time, criminals managed to circumvent users, institutions, and even large companies such as Google and Apple by spreading fake programs and applications on official stores.

  • “Philip Christodoulou” is one of the victims of a scam and the subject of our article.

  • Philip lost a large number of his digital currencies after downloading what he believed to be a verified digital wallet from Apple.

Don't trust the "AppStore" too much?

Mr. Philip Christodoulou told the Washington Post that he had stored a small fortune in his Trezor wallet.

To keep an eye on his money, he decided to download the "Trezor" app available on the "AppStore".

The app garnered many positive reviews, so it never thought of any potential issue.

But in fact, what he downloaded was a phishing fraud app designed to steal cryptocurrencies for its victims by making them believe that they were using the original wallet.

It is worth noting that the real “Trezor Wallet” application is only available on Android.

Philip entered his private key to retrieve his wallet, which means he inadvertently gave the fraudsters the information they needed to access his money.

And that's exactly what they did.

Philip lost 17.1 Bitcoin units (roughly equivalent to $ 1 million at current bitcoin prices) with no hope of fixing things.

Who is to blame for this scam?

Was Philip Cristodolo wrong?

The Apple system is one of the most centralized and controlled systems in the world.

Almost all operations are supervised by Apple, which is responsible for ensuring the security of applications downloaded to any of its devices.

It is precisely for this reason that Apple devices are secure and jailbreaking them is very difficult.

Therefore, to determine whether or not Apple is responsible for the theft of "Philip" from a legal point of view, the court will determine who.

However, there are many elements of the indictment directed at "Philip Christodoulou", who believes that Apple is the one who contributed to the fraud against him, and considers it responsible for the compensation, as his statement was as follows:
They betray the confidence I was placing in them.

Apple does not deserve to get away with it.
 Neither Apple nor Trezor has released a statement yet.

As he told us, "Trezor" does not currently have an application on the iOS operating system, but the fraudsters managed to create a phishing fraud for Apple devices.

  • According to the Washington Post, just last year, Apple removed more than 6,500 apps with hidden or undocumented features.

Unfortunately, the fake Trezor wasn't one of them.

Butter says that it is necessary to be careful when downloading a digital wallet application, and we always advise Bitcoin Arabs to visit the official website of the company and download the application from their official page.