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The European Super League ignites the communication platforms


 The European Super League ignites the communication platforms

On Sunday, April 18, 2021, social networking sites were filled with leaks about the intention of 12 of the largest European clubs to announce the formation of a new championship called the "European Super League" or the European Super League or the European Super League.

The European Super League ignites the communication platforms

The leaks talked about the joining of 12 European clubs so far: 6 English clubs: Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester City, Arsenal and Tottenham, 3 Spanish clubs, Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Atletico Madrid, and 3 Italian clubs, Juventus, Inter Milan, and AC Milan. With the absence of any French or German team.

The reaction of the European Union (UEFA) to football was strong, as it posted on its Twitter page a joint statement with the English, Spanish, and Italian football federations and leagues. The statement included a strong criticism of the European Super League plan and a statement intending to obstruct this plan, whether by sports or judicial means and to deprive the clubs concerned and their players from participating in any continental or global tournament at the club or national team level.

The reactions were not limited to the major European leagues but included football fans and many current and former players and coaches, such as Gary Neville, former Manchester United full-back, and even British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. It seems that most of them are negative so far, in light of complete silence from the 12 clubs that the leaks claim to participate in this league.

 According to Wikipedia, the European Super League or European Super League concept made up of soccer clubs from all over Europe has been discussed since the 1990s. The Premier League was occasionally proposed officially but never implemented. FIFA and all six continental confederations, including UEFA, have refused to form a separate league.

In 1998, the Italian company Media Partners seriously investigated the idea. The plan died after UEFA moved to expand the UEFA Champions League and cancel the UEFA Cup Winners ’Cup to accommodate clubs that were contemplating splitting and joining the proposed Premier League.

Florentino Perez’s proposal in 2009

  • On 4 July 2009, Florentino Perez criticized the current format of the Champions League, saying, "We must agree on a new European League that ensures that the best is always the best - something that has not happened in the Champions League." Perez has stated that he will push for a separate competition that includes the traditional powers in Europe if UEFA does not do more to ensure more confrontations between the top teams annually. Under Perez's plan, the continent's best teams would remain part of their home systems but would ensure the opportunity to play with each other at the conclusion of a regular league season.

UEFA changes in 2018

  • In 2016, UEFA discussed again the possibility of creating a closed league with the 16 best European football teams from the major domestic leagues. These 16 teams were divided into two groups, with 8 teams in each group. Each team plays in its group according to the regular league system, and the top four clubs from each group qualify for the quarter-finals. This plan was rejected by (UEFA), and he worked to make changes to the structure of the UEFA Champions League to avoid the creation of the Super League. (WAFHA) announced that for the 2018-21 trade cycle, England, Italy, Spain and Germany will each have 4 seats in the group stage of the Champions League without the need to enter the qualifying round. This means that the number of direct seats will increase from 22 to 26.

2018 leaks

  • In November 2018, a report from the German newspaper Spiegel reported secret talks about creating a new continental club competition, the European Super League, to start in 2021. That did not happen in the end. However, the Premier League could still be announced for the first time in 2021.

European Super League proposal 2020

  • In October 2020, Sky Sports claimed that FIFA was proposing an alternative to the Champions League, the European Super League, with up to 18 teams in a league system, from which the best four teams qualify, followed by the knockout rounds. Without any relegation system, similarly to major sports competitions in the United States such as the NHL, NFL, NBA, and MLB. Premier League clubs have been invited as well as clubs from Spain, Italy, France, and Germany. Barcelona agreed to a proposal to join the Premier League, the day before its former president Josep Maria Bartomeu resigned.

Criticisms of the idea of ​​the European Super League

  • The idea of ​​the European Super League has come under fire from fans and critics, citing its potentially devastating impact on domestic leagues, the Champions League, and smaller clubs: it is seen in some quarters as merely a "strength" by the big clubs for more money and control over football. Germany and Real Madrid midfielder Toni Kroos criticized the plans in 2020, saying: “The gap between big and small clubs will widen even more. It doesn't always have to be faster, with more and more money. ” At the FT business football summit in February 2021, Simon Green, president of BT Sport, warned that the European Super League "will not be as valuable as the current leagues and the Champions League at present."

why now?

  • The coming days will carry more information and we will know the validity of the leaks. Now, we must mention the possible reasons for choosing the clubs at this time, whether for leaking or announcing these plans. Barcelona has accumulated nearly $ 1.4 billion in debt and is in the worst financial crisis in its history. Real Madrid was unable to close any deal at the beginning of this season in light of constant talk of developing their stadium.

  • Juventus will be short of 100 million before the end of the fiscal year in June. Inter Milan's owners had to request emergency financing last February. In addition, (Wafa) intends to announce the new final version of the Champions League on Monday, April 19. In our opinion, it is possible that the selection of clubs at this time for the leak or the announcement of the European Super League is to put pressure on (Wife) before announcing the final version of the Champions League.