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The entry of Coinbase into the market


 The entry of Coinbase into the market

Coinbase gets a reference price from NASDAQ of $ 250 per share

The entry of Coinbase into the market

The Nasdaq Stock Exchange has given a reference price for CoinPeace, which is $ 250, according to newly released data.

Nasdaq listed the "Coinbase " stock today, April 14th, after weeks of intense anticipation.

The entry of CoinPeace into the market

The direct listing of Coinbase has sparked a lot of excitement in the traditional investor and cryptocurrency community.

The listing has been rumored for a long time and has made a lot of headlines in the past few months.

This event is likely to mark the beginning of many cryptocurrency companies looking to go public and capitalize on the momentum around these companies.

A reference price for Coinbase is given, which determines the price in the absence of sustainable trading in a private market.

Nasdaq gave a valuation of Coinbase  $ 90 billion, based on previous private sales.

Coinbase will become the first Bitcoin trading company to be present on the stock market.

Investors see this as a watershed moment for the market.

The inclusion of Coinbase will contribute to more advertising and marketing of cryptocurrencies.

For your information, Coinbase was founded in 2012, and it was one of the first cryptocurrency trading platforms to enter the market.

A recent SEC file shows that Coinbase has more than 43 million users.

In the first quarter of 2021, Coinbase generated more than twice as much revenue for the whole of 2020.

According to some press reports, employees are about to receive bonus shares in the company.

Where the Irish "Coinbase " office allocated to the work team 105,510 "Coinbase " shares equivalent to this total amount of about $ 45 million.

These shares will be distributed to employees over the years, based on performance measures.

  • The inclusion of Coinbase will draw a roadmap for other companies:

Coinbase is one of the biggest names in the cryptocurrency industry, and by announcing its direct listing on the Nasdaq exchange, many other cryptocurrency companies are watching.

Including the cryptocurrency broker "Gemini" and "eToro", the latter of which is also looking to do the same.

With Bitcoin reaching all-time highs and increasing public awareness of the cryptocurrency category, this move may be a sound business decision.

The crypto crowd is eager to see what a major crypto company can do among investors in the traditional markets.

Analysts believe that Coinbase may double its price this year, with a target price of $ 440 set.