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Samsung turns your phone into a smart home sensor

 Samsung turns your phone into a smart home sensor

Samsung launched an experimental program to help bring new uses to some old Galaxy phones, so that the device is converted into a smart home sensor with some functions, such as: Detecting the sound of a crying child or turning on the lamp when it gets dark.

Samsung turns your phone into a smart home sensor

The program is limited to certain models launched in 2018 or later and is somewhat limited, but it is an accessible offering that can help users to make more use of their old devices.

The company announced the Galaxy Upcycling at Home at CES 2021 earlier this year, and Samsung has now launched the program in the US, UK, and Korea.

By downloading the software update through the SmartThings app, users can access two main functions.

The first function is a sound sensor that detects the sound of a child's crying, pet barking, meowing, or knocking on the door, and when it detects one of these things, it sends an alert to your phone with the sound recording, and the user can listen to the recorded sound.

Samsung says: The sound sensor mode accurately identifies sounds in the daily surrounding environment, and users can choose to save specific audio recordings, and the goal of this mode is to act as a baby monitor or as a pet care solution.

The second function is a light level sensor that can automatically turn on a connected light when the brightness levels in the room drop below a certain threshold.

Samsung says: The update includes a battery optimization necessary to keep the phone running and working as a sensor for long periods of time, although the company has not specified how long it can run between charges.

Galaxy S, Note, and Z phones that were launched from 2018 onwards are eligible, provided they run Android 9 or later.

Samsung says: It supports more devices in the future, and that the goal of the program is to give users another way to extend the life of the devices they own and thus help reduce the impact of its devices on the environment.