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M.Vision X and M.Vision POP .. Hyundai concept vehicles

 M.Vision X and M.Vision POP .. Hyundai concept vehicles

Hyundai Mobis unveiled the new M. Vision X and M. Vision POP concept vehicles, which reflect the way shared mobility in the post-coronavirus era.

M.Vision X and M.Vision POP .. Hyundai concept vehicles

The M. Vision X is a four-seater navigation system that provides a personalized experience based on a unique interpretation of interior space. The X in M. Vision X means extending connectivity, connected experience, and expeditions to a new space.

Given that the car windows can be converted into a Virtual Space Wall display, it is possible to use all the transparent car's 360-degree windows as a screen to watch sports or performances.

The displays can also be customized on M. Vision X via multiple monitors installed in the vehicle's windows.

Some passengers may use the screen as a transparent window and enjoy the outside views, while others may use it as a screen to watch a movie, and it is also possible to change the interior seats according to their purpose so that they can be used in both directions.

On each of the four sides of the compact central cockpit,
 there is a 28-inch screen, and this compact central cockpit communicates with passengers in a non-contact manner using gesture recognition functions.

As a result, passengers can control all driving-related functions, such as: autonomous driving mode, AI speakers, and infotainment information.

There is also a sterilization function that uses UV illumination to automatically sterilize the vehicle once the occupants exit the vehicle.

M. Vision POP is an exceptionally compact electric vehicle-based mobility concept, developed under Hyundai's Tech Joy logo, focused on giving users pleasure through the convergence of the latest Hyundai Mobis technology.

  • M.Vision POP is characterized by the so-called PHOBILITY, which is a compound word of phone and mobility, meaning the mobility of a smartphone, and it is a new mobility technology that introduces the concept of a smartphone that controls the steering wheel.

  • The smartphone in the steering wheel becomes the car's cockpit itself with the interfaces of the smartphone's navigation screen and the front screen of the car.

  • The user recognition or voice recognition function can also be used, and it is also possible to use the smartphone sensors for wireless guidance of the vehicle.
However, the main feature of this vehicle is the electronic angle unit, in which each of the four wheels rotates up to 180 degrees sideways, allowing the car to move side to side, or even 360 degrees in place.

In practical terms, Hyundai Mobis said it wants to explore how mobile technology integrates with the changes people have made due to the coronavirus pandemic and is one of the first carmakers to show what that could look like.