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Microsoft is developing a new Windows Store

 Microsoft is developing a new Windows Store

Reports indicate that Microsoft is working on a complete overhaul of the App Store for Windows.

Microsoft is developing a new Windows Store

  • The software giant plans to release an updated store later this year, which is more open to all kinds of apps and games.

  • This may pave the way for developers to be able to send any Windows application to the store, including browsers, such as: Chrome or Firefox, and even allow foreign trade platforms in applications.

  • This would represent a major shift for the Windows App Store if Microsoft performs this rumored fix later this year.

  • Windows Store currently requires developers to package win32 applications in the form of MSIX and use Microsoft's proprietary update mechanisms and commercial platforms.

  • It is noteworthy that Microsoft may allow developers to send standard EXE or MSI packages to the store, and updates can be managed through the developer's CDN.

  • Such a change will lead to the opening of the Windows Store for many applications, including popular applications, such as the Adobe Creative Cloud suite of productivity applications, and even competing browsers, such as: Firefox and Chrome.

  • Last year, Microsoft launched a free and open-source package manager, Windows Package Manager, and it quickly became an option for hundreds of apps missing from the Store right now.

  • There are no apps like Steam, WinRAR, and Zoom in the Windows Store at this time, but they are available through Windows Package Manager.

  • The comprehensive fix Microsoft is working on will likely integrate the company's work with Windows Package Manager to verify applications and list them in the store.

  • Microsoft currently uses a number of methods to validate Windows Package Manager application packages, including SmartScreen scanning, static analysis, and SHA256 hash validation.

  • And if the company allows foreign trade platforms, this means that it will not take part in the developers who use their in-app purchase systems.

  • The Windows Store originally appeared in Windows 8 as part of Microsoft's massive campaign to urge developers to create UWP apps that work across phones, tablets, computers, and even Xbox platforms.

  • The campaign collapsed with the end of the Windows Phone operating system, and Microsoft allowed developers to bring full native Win32 games to the store nearly two years ago.

  • Developers have been calling for these changes in the store for years to make it easier to introduce, maintain and update apps.

  • Microsoft is reportedly planning to bring several of its apps to the new store, including Teams, Office, Edge, and Visual Studio.

  • It is rumored that the new store will be part of a comprehensive Windows OS overhaul planned for later this year.

  • Microsoft previously described this as a complete visual revamp of Windows, which should see a comprehensive overhaul of the Start menu, file explorer, built-in apps, and more.