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Liverpool plans to renew contracts for the four-team team


 Liverpool plans to renew contracts for the four-team team

English press reports revealed that Liverpool FC intends to start negotiations with the quadruple team to discuss the issue of renewing their contracts, led by Egyptian star Mohamed Salah.

Liverpool plans to renew contracts for the four-team team

The English newspaper "Times" reported that the Liverpool administration is planning to renew the contract of four of the team's players, are Mohamed Salah, Virgil Van Dijk, Fabinho, and Alison Baker.

  • Mohamed Salah's current contract with Liverpool will end in 2023.

Salah raised speculation about his future in Liverpool after hinting at the possibility of his departure to the Spanish League.

She indicated that talks about renewing Mohamed Salah's contract are believed to be in the pipeline, but the club has time because his current contract will not expire until two years later.

Van Dijk, Fabinho, and Alison's contracts will also expire in the same year, 2023.

It indicated that it is likely that any negotiations on renewing contracts for other major players such as Jordan Henderson, Sadio Mane, and Roberto Firmino will begin at a later time.

  • Adrian: I want to stay in Liverpool ... and there is no decision about my future

Liverpool goalkeeper Adrian spoke about his situation with the English club and the possibility of signing a new contract.

Adrian has previously been criticized for his poor performance in most of the few matches he has participated in with Liverpool.

The Spaniard's current contract is due to expire at Anfield next summer.

  • Adrian said in statements published by the English "Liverpool Echo" network: "I have been happy in Liverpool since I arrived here and they welcomed me with open arms."

  • He added, "It was a step forward in my career, not only to obtain titles but to be part of a great team and train on a daily basis with the best in the world."

  • He continued: "It is true that this season has not been completely regular for me, but I am happy here. The club made me see that they are happy with me."

  • He continued: "We are in talks about my future, but nothing is clear yet. The matter will have to be settled between now and the end of the season. The most important thing is to remain happy and enjoy this profession."
He concluded, "I would like to continue here, but there are some points that must be clarified and that the best decision is taken for all parties."