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Ledger is facing a lawsuit for violating user data

 Ledger is facing a lawsuit for violating user data

According to the legal documents republished on “Scribd,” the law firm “Roche Freedman” filed a formal complaint against both Ledger and Shopify, on April 6 on behalf of two main plaintiffs.

Ledger is facing a lawsuit for violating user data

Ledger was exposed to a number of data breaches in 2020, one of which was linked to the e-commerce platform Shopify that hosts Ledger products.

Ledger has admitted responsibility for the Shopify incident, as a Ledger employee leaked personal details to 20,000 users in December 2020.

This is in addition to another breach in the summer of the same year 2020 that resulted in the leak of information to more than 292,000 Ledger users via the Internet.

The following was stated in the class-action lawsuit on behalf of plaintiffs "John Chu" and "Edward Patton":
The plaintiffs are seeking compensation for serious damages caused by Ledger and Shopify's misconduct in connection with the massive 2020 data breach that these companies allowed in their own negligence, ignored the matter recklessly, and then deliberately sought a cover-up.
  • Ledger is in a security maintenance mode and lawyers are looking for holes:

Ledger sticks to its claim that the devices are still 100% safe, but their customers play a different note.

Mr. Antoine Tipo, General Legal Counsel of Ledger stated:
Ledger does not comment on ongoing legal cases.
While Mr. Kyle Roche, partner of the law firm who filed the lawsuit, stated:

We've been investigating this since the day it went public.

This investigation included speaking with experts in the fields of data security and cryptocurrency.
 The lawsuit does not specify the amount of compensation required for the class action. According to some estimates, the amount may reach $ 5 million.

The documents cite only two Ledger users who together lost 4.2 Bitcoin, 11 Ethereum, and 150,000 XLM to phishing attacks, and there are likely thousands like them.

After the massive data breach, Ledger users turned to social media to vent their anger at the company, which offered no compensation whatsoever and largely blamed users for their inconsistent security.

Ledger operatives reported everything from direct cryptocurrency theft from devices to threats of physical assault and home invasion to murder.

Hackers and fraudsters set out to exploit spam and phishing, armed with a Ledger customer database full of personal information that included email addresses, phone numbers, and even users' home addresses.