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Krafton shuts down PUBG Lite completely on April 29

 Krafton shuts down PUBG Lite completely on April 29

Krafton announced that it was shutting down PUBG Lite on April 29, the game publisher stopped new downloads for the PC-based game, the official website was effectively closed, and player support ends on May 29.

Krafton shuts down PUBG Lite completely on April 29

There are a few different versions of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, or PUBG - the game that has inspired a large group of competitors - that you can play on everything from your modestly capable phone to the cutting-edge gaming console.

However, at the end of April, the list will be shorter, with the closure of PUBG Lite, the free-to-play version of the battle of life and death intended for lower-tier devices.

The decision to turn off the Lite does not affect PUBG Mobile Lite, the phone-oriented equivalent, as this game remains the same.

Krafton did not provide a reason for the impending shutdown, but there were signs of unrest months before that.

  • We are extremely grateful for the passion and support of the astonishing number of PUBG LITE fans who have been with us, and during the difficult times of the Coronavirus pandemic, we hope PUBG LITE will be able to provide our fans with an enjoyable way to stay safe.

  • She added: We took the difficult decision to close the service after much deliberation and it is time for our journey to end, and we, unfortunately, tell you that PUBG LITE is scheduled to end on April 29, 2021.

The news of the closure came after the game's publisher announced last November that PUBG Lite had become completely free, after abandoning the in-game currency system, L-Coin.

The game was launched in the beta version in January 2019 in Thailand and moved to Europe in October of the same year.

Although there are no player statistics, it is no secret that there was no large audience, as Lite was designed to make the PUBG experience accessible to people whose modest computers might struggle with the normal game.

The shutdown indicates that many PC players were content to use the full game instead.