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Google accidentally leaks Pixel Buds A in green

 Google accidentally leaks Pixel Buds A in green

Rumors are getting more and more popular as we near the time of the Google I / O 2021 event, pointing to new devices, including the Pixel 5A and Pixel Buds A, a low-cost version of the company's wireless earbuds.

Google accidentally leaks Pixel Buds A in green

It appears that Google has inadvertently leaked a small picture of the yet-to-be-announced Pixel Buds A wireless headphones in an olive-green email sent to those on the Google Nest mailing list.

The email, which highlights new features coming to Google devices, contains links to the Google Store with Pixel Buds A included in the accessories category.

This small image gives us our first complete look at the new wireless headphones, which come in an olive green color via the earbuds and the charging case.

These headphones transmit the external charging indicator to the top instead of directly above the charging port, as is the case with the second generation of Pixel Buds.

The olive green via Pixel Buds A is also much darker than the color currently on offer, Quite Mint.

Standard Pixel Buds sell for $ 179, Google may aim for $ 99 or $ 129 for the new low-cost headphones.

The early disclosure in marketing materials follows the FCC listing for a new Pixel Buds-like device.

The second-generation Pixel Buds encountered some connection stability issues upon their first arrival, and the company has tried to address them over the course of several firmware updates, but some customers still encounter issues.

The email, titled “The Nest just got an upgrade,” aims to educate users about new features coming to the Nest Hub, including sharing photos by voice and easier control of the smart device, as well as the Apple TV app for Chromecast. Google TV.

These features were announced last week, and it likely indicates that an announcement from Google for Pixel Buds A will come sooner rather than later.