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FIFA opposes the establishment of the European Super


FIFA opposes the establishment of the European Super

The International Football Federation confirmed its complete rejection of the idea of ​​the European Super League championship, after announcing its adoption a short while ago.

FIFA opposes the establishment of the European Super

And 12 European clubs have announced their consent to participate in the European Super League a while ago, headed by Florentino Perez (see details from here).

  • FIFA issued an official statement saying: “We would like to make it clear that we stand firmly in favor of cooperation in football and a fair redistribution model that can help develop football as a sport, especially at the global level, because the development of global football is the primary task for us.”

  • He added, "From our point of view, and according to our statute, any football competition, whether national, regional or global, must always reflect the basic principles of solidarity, inclusiveness, integrity and fair financial redistribution."

  • He continued, "In addition, football's governing bodies should use all legal, sporting and diplomatic means to ensure this continues."

  • He continued: "Only we can express our rejection of the establishment of any closed European league outside the structures of international football, and the failure to respect the principles mentioned above."

  • He continued: "We always defend unity in world football, and we call on all parties participating in the heated discussions to enter into a calm, constructive and balanced dialogue in favor of the game and in the spirit of solidarity and fair play, and all that is necessary to contribute to a coordinated way forward in the general interests of football.".