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Exposure from Hulu focuses on the Galaxy S21 Ultra

 Exposure from Hulu focuses on the Galaxy S21 Ultra

Samsung, Hulu, Westbrook Media, and BBG Entertainment have teamed up to produce Exposure, a new reality series seeking to find America's best traveling photographer.

Exposure from Hulu focuses on the Galaxy S21 Ultra

Companies are using their resources to shoot and distribute the new series, with Exposure featuring mobile photographers with the challenge of using the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G camera to show off their creativity.

BBH Entertainment is helping develop the series while Westbrook Media is in charge of the production, and Hulu is hosting the series via its streaming platform, which you can attend from April 26.

And content creation has been around for a while now, but more people are getting into the craft.

And with smartphones with advanced camera technology these days, the learning curve in taking photos and videos is no longer difficult, and almost anyone can take a camera and start creating content.

Aiming to inspire the next generation of photographers and tech enthusiasts, Exposure offers weekly themed challenges that select mobile photographers must pass.

  • Samsung recently partnered with The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon at the Pseudo Film Festival.

  • The event saw budding filmmakers deliver short films shot entirely on the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

  • Exposure is supposed to be the first of many new series on the Hulu broadcast network that directly connects to brands and products.
Samsung wants you to know that it's Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G is good at taking pictures, and you can probably tell from the five image sensors, including four on the back.

Samsung also wants you to know that it takes mobile photography very seriously.

And Exposure focuses entirely on the S21 Ultra 5G, as it's the only device contestants use to take their photos.

At the core, the goal of Exposure and all branded entertainment programming is to create series that lean on their own merits, making viewers want to watch them in the first place.

BBG Entertainment said: Hulu fans love photography and will be able to take tips and tricks on their photography trips.