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Clubhouse Introduces Advantage Payments To Creators

 Clubhouse Introduces Advantage Payments To Creators

The startup developer of the Clubhouse app announced in a blog the new payments feature as the first of many features that allow content creators to get paid directly from the app.

Clubhouse Introduces Advantage Payments To Creators

Clubhouse, the one-year-old, billion-dollar social audio app, now allows users to send money to their favorite creators or speakers via the platform.

Paul Davison, the co-founder of the startup, said the Clubhouse wanted to focus on direct income to content creators, rather than ads.

The user can send a payment via the app by going to the personal account of the content creator who wants to give the money to him.

And if the content creator has enabled the payments feature, the user will be able to click on the send money button and enter the amount they want to submit.

The feature works as a default tip, or Clubhouse-branded copy of Venmo, although the Payments feature does not currently allow the user to send a personalized message with funds.

The startup will not take any part of what the content creator gets, 100 percent of what the user sends goes to the intended recipient, and the sender is charged a processing fee that goes to Stripe.

The clubhouse will earn nothing from the transaction, although the app has not stated whether this is the case when the feature becomes more widely available.

Stripe CEO (Patrick Collison) tweeted that it's great to see a new social platform that focuses first on participant income rather than internal revenue through ads.

While all users can now send money, the Payments feature is now enabled for a small test group of speakers, however, the company is gradually rolling out the ability to receive payments as it collects feedback and adjusts the feature.